Your Cyberface

The New York Times Fashion & Style writer Stephanie Rosenbloom took a
light-hearted look
at how one presents oneself online in this era of
social networks and online dating.

From the article:

“Now that first impressions are often made in cyberspace, not face-to-face, people are not only strategizing about how to virtually convey who they are, but also grappling with how to craft an e-version of themselves that appeals to multiple audiences — co-workers, fraternity brothers, Mom and Dad.”

“Putting Your Best Cyberface Forward” does an excellent job
of illustrating how important one’s online identity is and also points out
the lengths to which individuals will go to manage their
identity in cyberspace.

Perhaps most interestingly, users at launched into a
worthwhile discussion on means they use to get back control over
their online identities. There are many strategies one can use to
take control of one’s online identity, ReputationDefender among them.

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Quoting from the comments:

“Hired reputation defender to look up what others could find about
me, and then built a new homepage when I found out what was out there.”

“I take advantage of the opportunity web communication provides to
review and edit my ‘speech’ before it flies off to the recipient. For
a person who chronically finds himself in the middle of some too-long
sentence with no idea at how to connect what he’s said so far with
the intended conclusion, it feels great.”

“When you Google me, you can find three letters I wrote to the NY
Times that were published (all in the last 4 years). Makes me feel
smart and proud.”

You can check out and participate in the discussion here.

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