Can privacy ever win over convenience? We say yes!

A recent survey conducted by the EMC Privacy Index revealed some startling information about how willing people are to sacrifice their privacy in order for an easier online experience. The biggest takeaways, with results based on 15,000 respondents in 15 countries, are as follows: • 91% value value the benefit of “easier access to information… Read more »

Cat Stalking Map a Reminder to Mind Your Metadata

An eye-catching headline has been making the rounds on social media over the last week: “Cat-Stalking Map Lets the Internet Know Where Your Kitty Lives.” While everyone and their mother loves a good cat-related article, this specific story should inspire more concerns about privacy than likes and lols. First, the background info: Florida State University… Read more »

Job Seekers: Why Social Media is Your Frenemy!

It’s always a long and arduous journey to find a job. But don’t put in all that time and effort to get your dream gig – only to be derailed by inappropriate social media activity. Even if it’s ancient history by modern standards, make sure it doesn’t come back to bite you. If you’re thinking,… Read more »

Teens, Identity Theft, and How You Can Help

      When you were a teen, did you want your entire family listening in on conversations you were having with your peers? Of course not!  That’s never been truer than today but now social media makes it possible for teens to skirt parents’ oversight with the touch of a button.  Teens are migrating… Read more »