About ReputationDefender

We believe everyone deserves the right to be represented fairly and accurately online

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ReputationDefender: the original and the best

We pioneered the online reputation management space, and we continue to lead the field

Proven innovators

ReputationDefender was founded to provide online reputation and digital privacy solutions for individuals and businesses. We were the first business in the space and remain the industry leader.

An inspired mission

We believe that everyone has the right to be empowered online—whether that means controlling the spread of your personal information or the way you are portrayed to others.

Backed by the best

Supported by top venture capital firms in our early days, ReputationDefender is now a part of Stagwell, Inc., a $2 billion, publicly traded marketing company with over 10,000 employees worldwide.

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What our customers think

“ReputationDefender has a distinctive strategy to push that misleading link down in my Google search.

I’ve been so impressed with the staff and most importantly with the speed of the results.

This ordeal has made me a better dentist and business owner. My staff and I are more attuned to the needs of our customers and we really do go out of our way to make sure each customer is happy.”

– Dr. Kate, Dentist

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Success Story

Clearing my name online

Sue Scheff, one of ReputationDefender’s first clients, has gone on to become an expert in digital safety and online bullying. She has since written several books, including Shame Nation, which features an account of her experiences with ReputationDefender.

She writes, “I have always said that my lawyer vindicated me in a court of law, when I won one of the first cases for Internet defamation in a jury trial—but it was ReputationDefender that cleared my name online.”

The ReputationDefender difference

Why individuals and businesses have relied on us for over a decade

Proven and established

We’re the oldest company in our industry, having developed over 9 patents since 2006.

Strong customer base

We have served over 300,000 privacy customers as well as tens of thousands of online reputation clients, both individuals and businesses.

Global focus

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, ReputationDefender also has offices in the UK and Arizona. We serve customers around the world in over 100 countries.

Thought leadership

ReputationDefender founder Michael Fertik frequently appears on national and international television and radio to discuss online reputation management and privacy issues. He is also the co-author of two books, Wild West 2.0 (2010), and New York Times best seller, The Reputation Economy (2015).

We’ve got a great reputation

We consistently win awards for innovation, excellence, and customer service

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  • American Business Awards “Stevie’s” Customer Service Department of the Year—every year running since 2011
  • World Economic Forum Global Growth Company
  • TechAmerica’s 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year: Founder Michael Fertik
  • Privacy by Design Ambassador: Founder Michael Fertik
  • World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer
  • Gartner Cool Vendor
  • Harvard University Innovation Lab Expert-in-Residence: Founder Michael Fertik

We keep great company

ReputationDefender is a member of Stagwell, Inc., a $2 billion, publicly traded marketing services company led by thought leader Mark Penn

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We’ve won over the toughest critics

Top venture capital firms—including the investors behind Twitter, Seagate, and Lyft—funded ReputationDefender’s early growth

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Company timeline

Michael Fertik founds ReputationDefender to protect the online reputations of businesses and individuals.
ReputationDefender relocates to Redwood City, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and continues development of its flagship Defender® search remediation product.
Following on the heels of strong growth, ReputationDefender receives Series A venture funding. The company introduces its first personal privacy products, both for individuals and families.
Additional venture funding and aggressive R&D allow ReputationDefender to cement its lead in the quickly expanding online reputation management space. The company launches a series of strategic acquisitions, beginning with social network Ziggs. ReputationDefender also partners with AOL to provide privacy services to its customers.
ReputationDefender changes its name to Reputation.com. The World Economic Forum names the company a Technology Pioneer and Global Growth Company. Reputation.com secures a $41 million series D funding round from August Capital.
Reputation.com acquires UK-based Reputation 24/7, which becomes the European office for the company. It also acquires the PaperKarma and MySocialCloud apps.
Rich Matta joins the company as General Manager and Senior Vice President of  Consumer Business. The company adds an office in Tempe, Arizona.
Reclaiming the company’s original name, ReputationDefender splits into an independent subsidiary of Reputation.com, to better allow both companies to focus on their core strengths. Rich Matta takes over as CEO of the newly re-invigorated ReputationDefender brand.
ReputationDefender is acquired by the Stagwell Group, a portfolio company focused on high-growth, cutting-edge online marketing, PR, and reputation management firms.
The Stagwell Group merges with MDC Partners to form Stagwell, Inc., a $2 billion, publicly traded marketing services company with over 10,000 employees globally.

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