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  • Curate your branded search results
  • Supercharge your PR efforts
  • Protect against social engineering attacks

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Your brand lives online

large company online presence

What people think of your company is intimately tied to what appears online. ReputationDefender gives you the tools to control the conversation.

Align your search results with your brand
Our proprietary technologies let us control what shows up in your company’s search results, letting you to create a stable, authoritative presence that matches your brand.

Boost your PR’s effectiveness
We promote news that aligns with your messaging, allowing you to get ahead of unfavorable news cycles.

Protect your infrastructure from cyberattacks
We scrub your executive team’s personal information from the Internet, minimizing the potential for spearphishing or other social engineering attacks against your IT infrastructure.

large company online presence

86% of executives say reputation risk is a potentially crippling business liability.

   – Willis Towers Watson (2020)

A company’s reputation is responsible for nearly two-thirds of its market value.

   – Weber Shandwick (2020)

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Curate your search results

ReputationDefender offers a comprehensive set of boutique reputation management solutions, powered by proprietary techniques and technologies developed in-house.

Control the order of your search results

Give an SEO boost to your brand websites and favorable news coverage

Influence Google Seach’s autocomplete and search suggestions

Control the images and videos that appear under your brand name online

Custom content creation and publication to reinforce your messaging

search management


88% of searchers don’t click on results past page 1.

   – Sistrix (2020)

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Protect your executives’ security

The online availability of personal information is a major security threat for executives and their families, as well as an alluring target for online hackers targeting your company. We reduce the risk by locating and removing sources of personal information about your executives and key personnel from the Internet.

Two out of three organizations saw targeted phishing attempts in 2020.

   – Proofpoint (2021)


88% of corporate security professionals report a dramatic increase in physical threat activity

   – Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence (2022)


Each CEO receives an average of 57 spear-phishing emails per year.

   – Baracuda (2021)

How we protect against social engineering

1. Scan people-search sites to find all data records for your key executives

2. Request opt-outs wherever we find their information

3. Monitor for compliance to make sure their data doesn’t get re-added

4. Scan social media and other online channels to locate additional vulnerabilities

5. Provide reporting and recommendations on outstanding threats and sources of personal information

checking for privacy vulnerabilities

Case studies

executive looking out the window

Consultant misrepresented

An internationally renowned business consultant contacted ReputationDefender because comments he had made on a news show had been taken out of context and used against him, spawning a raft of negative follow-up coverage.

Despite ongoing media attention, the ReputationDefender Special Projects team successfully cleared the first page of his search results of all negative content.


business meeting

Financial services firm maligned

A team of entrepreneurial financial experts launched an innovative company that gives consumers more control over their credit. Unfortunately, just as the young company started to achieve its first successes, it was mischaracterized by the press.

The ReputationDefender Special Projects team aggressively engaged the company’s search results, pushing all negative content off of Page 1 within 3 months.


lawyers reviewing contract

Defamed law practice

A law firm specializing in financial law was targeted by an online smear campaign, mounted by another firm facing bankruptcy. Although the targeted firm won legal relief from its attacker, negative third-party commentary continued to rank online, leading to the loss of important clients.

We were able to suppress the firm’s negative content from the default Google results within six weeks, reversing the firm’s losses and allowing them to rebuild their client base unhindered.


happy businessman

Philanthropist faces threats

A prominent financier and philanthropist contacted us following a robbery in which his passport was stolen. The individual was disturbed that the thief had been able to track him down and break into his car. He was also worried that his search results painted a one-sided picture.

ReputationDefender Special Projects removed his personal information from the vast majority of people search sites within 2 months and created the desired online image within 4 months.


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