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Your online reputation is key to getting a great job

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The Internet is the first place employers look when vetting candidates. ReputationDefender makes sure they find quality information that portrays you professionally.

Project a professional web presence
Build a well-rounded online presence that includes a professional website, a polished social media presence, a personal career showcase and more.

Monitor your personal brand
Find out what people are saying about you online and see yourself through the eyes of potential employers.

Remove sensitive personal information
Prevent people-search sites from selling you and your family’s personal information to scammers and hackers.

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A great online reputation starts with great search results

What shows up in the first page of the search results has a direct impact on whether or not someone will hire you.


Two out of three job seekers are interested in a service to improve their professional presence online.

   – The Harris Poll (2020)


88% of searchers don’t click on results past page 1.

   – Sistrix (2020)

How we supercharge your personal brand for career success

Professional website creation
Your own personal website (e.g. johnsmith.com), blazingly fast and built according to best practices for maximum visibility in Google.

Web presence enhancement
Business profiles, an optimized LinkedIn presence, and a career milestones showcase put you front and center online.

Social media optimization
Overhaul or creation of social media profiles, with the option for professional content publication.

Personal brand monitoring
Cloud-based dashboard to track your online presence and find virtually all mentions of you on the public Internet.

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Protect your family’s privacy

People-search sites use government records and online databases to create detailed profiles of virtually every American. 

They then sell this sensitive information online, where it can end up in the hands of hackers, identity thieves, and stalkers.


Identity fraud costs consumers $56 Billion per year.

   – Javelin (2020)

2,500+ vulnerabilities per person

A typical ReputationDefender privacy audit uncovers over 2,500 elements of personal information per person scattered across the publicly accessible Internet.

How we protect your digital privacy

1. Scan the deep web to find all records of your personal information

2. Request opt-outs wherever we find your information

3. Monitor for compliance to make sure your data doesn’t get re-added

4. Provide reporting on the status of your privacy and any outstanding vulnerabilities

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What ReputationDefender clients say

“ReputationDefender took the time needed to understand my situation and I sensed they really cared about solving my online reputation problems.”
– Jerry C.

“I was absolutely surprised, astonished, and thankful… I believe in them so strongly that I recommend them to all my professional friends.”
– Dr. Tim, physician

Tools and resources to protect yourself

Curious to learn more about online reputation or digital privacy?

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The Definitive Guide to ORM for Individuals

Get actionable advice on how to solve common online reputation issues faced by individuals.

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Resource center

Check out our series of informative self-help guides and primers.

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