What Are Reputation Management Consultants?

He looks professional … but is he?


The internet has created many new opportunities and problems for the professional and the private individual online, and it’s created many new professions as well. The reputation management consultant is one of those job roles. What is a reputation management consultant, and what do they do?

Defining A Reputation Management Consultant

Essentially, a reputation management professional is an individual who helps you repair mistakes made online. Whether your business accidentally stumbled into a public relations disaster and you’re unsure of how to clean up the mess it made online, or you’re dealing with somebody deliberately out to smear you as a person, the idea is that they’ll be able to clean you up on the internet and ensure you give a good first impression on search engines and social media sites.

Like any profession, there are people who are good at their jobs and people who are terrible at their jobs. How do you sort one from the other? With a few questions.

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Who is This Person?

A reputation management advisorĀ should be easy to find online, and their reputation should be absolutely glowing. While nobody is perfect and any independent business will have at least one customer dispute, reputation management advisors should be able to apply their own techniques and use their own ideas to present themselves as absolutely spotless. Just like you wouldn’t trust a mechanic complaining about how his car’s engine keeps falling out, trusting a person who can’t even manage their own reputation to protect yours is asking for trouble.


How much do you trust this person?

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What are Their Techniques and What Expectations do They Set?

Repairing your reputation online isn’t a matter of a few mouse clicks and a few emails. Even minor damage to your reputation can be hard work requiring efficiency, patience and diligence. It’s certainly possible, but it can be difficult work to say the least. What technique is this consultant going to use? What promises do they make? A consultant who tells you it’ll be hard work but with good results is likely to be more trustworthy and experienced than the consultant who tells you what you want to hear.


What’s the Cost?

The final question is a matter of business sense: Never trust anybody who won’t give you an estimate. Again, it’s a matter of expectations. Unforeseen problems can turn up in reputation management, just like any other business, but an experienced reputation management professional can offer a good overview of the problems and a reasonable guess as to what they’ll cost to fix.

If finding a reputation management advisor sounds like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. ReputationDefender has been working in the field of online reputation repair since 2006. We’ve got experienced Reputation Advisors backed by field-tested technology that helps put bad news firmly in the past and bolsters good, positive news about you or your company so the first thing people see is your best possible face.

Reputation management can be difficult to do, so make sure you’ve got the people with the most experience and technology behind them: ReputationDefender.

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