Meghan McCain’s Twitter Trouble

Meghan McCain, the daughter of former Republican presidential candidate John McCain, exposed more than her political leanings last night when she posted a picture of herself in a revealing black tanktop on Twitter. The image, which can be found below, immediately set off a firestorm of criticism for McCain with many commenters calling her “slut” and other derogatory names. In response, McCain has contemplated leaving Twitter all together, a la Miley Cyrus (whose recent departure from Twitter has prompted considerable consternation among her fans).


Risque pic, or Calculated PR Stunt?

There are others who are not offended by the content of the pictures, per se, but rather the belief that McCain staged the event to gain publicity. For her part, McCain claims she “took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing.” If she did mean for the picture to gain publicity, then she was successful. According to Google, “Meghan McCain Twitter” is one of the hottest search trends on the Internet right now and this story has been repeated at Mashable, on the Wall Street Journal, and everywhere else under the sun.

For all of her detractors, there were also a number of people supporting McCain’s “spontaneous” decision to post the picture. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of these supporters are young people who believe that the Internet is a place for free expression, no matter the circumstances. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the truth. Granted, the only reason this picture has received the attention it has is because of McCain’s celebrity status. Nevertheless, for many young men and women across the country, posting inappropriate pictures on the Internet can make it difficult to get into school or find a job. If you are active on social networking sites, remember, you must always, always, always THINK before you POST.

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