How to Build a Good Business Reputation

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When you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to see how you build a good business reputation. But the truth is that it’s much like building your own business; you get out of it what you put into it—no more, no less. Here’s how to build a positive reputation for your business. 

Build Your Business On Best Practices

Every industry has best practices and a code of ethics, so right from the start, use those as your guiding principles when building a positive business image. Make sure every employee understands what the ethical situations are, why it’s important to abide by these practices, and what to do if faced with a difficult situation. You’ll rarely be led wrong doing the right thing.

Act Quickly On Customer Complaints

If a customer comes to you with a concern, whether it’s a minor question or a fairly serious problem, make the time to talk to them directly and find out what happened. Listen carefully, take notes and discuss with them what you can do to rectify the problem. Often the simple act of listening and explaining your position, and then trying to make things right, will impress the customer even if they’re ultimately unsatisfied, and ensure you have an excellent reputation for your business.

Treat Every Customer Fairly

At some point, anyone in business gets an angry customer. They could be screaming at you over the phone, they could be cursing you out in front of other customers in person, they could be sending you a nasty email or posting a hostile review online. Remember that replying calmly, politely, and clearly is your best tactic, even if you’re incensed. If potential customers see that you treat even the worst customer fairly, it’ll impress on them that they’ll get a fair shake, giving you a positive business reputation.

Work to be a Part of the Community

Sure, any business will sponsor a Little League or pitch in with a local charity for the advertising value, but it’s important to remember that these events are as much about making yourself a part of the community as they are about getting your name out there. Doing good works as a business makes customers aware not only of the business, but how you use it, a key part of a good business reputation.

Defend Yourself Against False Claims

The simple fact of the matter is that sometimes you’ll have a customer who goes well beyond the range of “dissatisfied” and heads straight into outright hostile territory. This could be for any number of reasons, ranging from personal problems that have nothing to do with your business to people being just plain mean-spirited. It’s important, especially with a customer that refuses to speak to you or to discuss the matter, to keep an eye out for false claims and calmly refute them where you can. There’s no point in letting damage collect on your business reputation.

Remember That You Can’t Please Everybody

In the end, no business, no matter how hard you work at it, is 100 percent perfect. Think of all the restaurants you’ve visited in your life where the food was good, the service was good, but you just didn’t feel a pressing need to return. The same will be true of your business. But if you treat every customer fairly and honestly, even the people who don’t come back will still be happy they came.

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