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How Google Can Damage Your Reputation

Google can be a source of frustration for those looking to manage their reputation due to how the site operates. While Google jealously guards how it determines which links are most relevant, the engine itself isn't concerned with whether content about you is positive or negative, and in fact it can't differentiate between you and someone else with your name, one of the biggest problems with managing your reputation on Google. If you've never entered your name into a search engine, you might be surprised to see who shares your name (or appalled). People who don't look closely may mistake you for another person entirely.

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Similarly, Google does not revise its search results based on the facts. It's not uncommon for somebody to be accused of a crime either legally or in civil court, and then later to be found completely innocent of the crime. But since the links referring to the accusation were passed around far and wide, and the fact of your innocence may not be, the links referring to the arrest will be what appear first on search results. Often Google image control will involve getting rid of or updating these links.

These problems can cost you jobs, cause difficulties in your personal life, and generally damage your reputation. How do you use Google to improve your reputation and have an accurate public record of your character?

How To Control Your Image On Google
Begin with understanding that while it's possible to remove links from Google, doing so is entirely at Google's discretion. Google generally only removes links when there is some sort of strong legal or civil concern, such as the owner of the link losing a defamation case. Similarly, it can be difficult or impossible to get newspapers and blogs to revise or remove articles. This can make managing your image on Google seem impossible.

There is, however, an advantage to Google that you can use to remove negative content. Studies have shown that many people don't consult beyond the first two links when searching online, and nearly all don't bother to click to the second page of results. As a result, this opens the door to being able to adjust the search rankings to better reflect your actual character.

Doing this is as simple as getting positive links online. There are many, many ways to do this. For example, you can create a public blog discussing anything you want, tied closely to your name. You can issue press releases about your volunteerism or personal achievements. There are many, many ways to get the positive word out about yourself.

ReputationDefender can help with Google reputation management. We can help you boost your reputation by putting the truth about you out there and ensuring that search engines pick up and rank it higher. We can help you protect your privacy while putting out a more public persona to address your damaged reputation. We can even help you track your reputation as it improves. Don't live with a damaged reputation. Contact ReputationDefender today.

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