All-in-one, AI-powered Executive Protection

Total Radius offers executives unified protection against the wide range of reputation, privacy, and safety risks arising from their online presence

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Peace of Mind Starts with Total Radius

Total Radius by ReputationDefender offers 360-degree protection against the vast array of online threats, no matter their origin.

It’s a turnkey, white-glove solution that helps deliver unparalleled protection.

Reputation Monitoring

Our AI-powered early warning system helps you separate the signal from the noise.

Privacy Protection

PII removals make it harder for would-be attackers to locate you or your team.

Threat Intelligence

Best-in-class threat intel tools assist in triaging the severity of potential issues.

Why PII Removal Matters

Removing personally identifiable information from the Internet significantly strengthens your physical and cybersecurity defenses while providing peace of mind to your executive team.

Why PII Removal Matters

Removing personally identifiable information from the Internet significantly strengthens your physical and cybersecurity defenses while providing peace of mind to your executive team.

Reduce physical threats
Our clients appreciate knowing that we remove their physical addresses from online records, making it that much harder for stalkers or disgruntled individuals to find them at home.

Thwart social engineering
We remove names, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers and other personal details commonly used to guess the answers to security questions or customize spear-phishing attacks. We also make you aware of potential social engineering approaches attackers might attempt.

Protect the personal
Can you be sure your executives don’t use the same passwords for personal and work emails? Our privacy services protect at the level of the individual, defending you against security vulnerabilities that start with non-work internet usage.


84% of C-level executives say they had been targeted by at least one cyberattack in the past year, with phishing attacks again being the most common (54%).

  – Vanson Bourne and MobileIron (2020)


88% of corporate security professionals report a dramatic increase in physical threat activity.

  – Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence (2022)


Nearly half of executives have been a phishing target in the last 12 months. 

  – Ivanti Executive Security Spotlight (2023)

Executive protection doesn’t have to be complicated to be powerful

Needles not Haystacks

We sort through massive amounts of reputation, privacy, and threat intelligence data for you. Total Radius’s proprietary AI accurately classifies the vast majority of results.

Easy to Use

Gone are the days when you need a specialist to configure and maintain your executive protection platform—Total Radius is intuitive enough to be managed by the individuals being protected.

Action Oriented

Go beyond simply monitoring for threats. Total Radius provides solutions, for both resolving existing threats and preventing emerging ones.

Powered by Proprietary AI

We’ve been in the reputation and privacy business since 2006, giving us a first-party dataset of unparalleled richness to train our AI with.

  • 15+ years of first-party online reputation data
  • AI-powered sentiment and threat analysis
  • ReputationDefender’s award-winning white-glove service

Total Radius Key Features

One-Stop Shop

Total Radius helps mitigate threats to reputation, privacy, and physical safety, through both monitoring and remediation activities.

Fully Turnkey, Easy to Use

Set up and configure in mere minutes. Users simply log in and answer a few basic questions, then we start identifying threats and providing solutions.

White-Glove Service

A named account manager with expertise in mitigating privacy and reputation threats is available to answer questions, provide guidance, and carry out remediation activities on your behalf.

Custom Data Removals

By default we cover hundreds of online data removal scenarios—but if you do find something new, our team will determine the best way to mitigate it for you.

Enterprise-Ready Dashboard

Everything you need to monitor, manage, and report on the digital threat landscape for your team is accessible through our intuitive dashboard.

Set it and Forget It

Once you trigger a protection action, we continue monitoring to ensure that the same threat doesn’t reappear later in another form.

Case Study: Typical Exposure Risk

A typical ReputationDefender audit uncovers over 2,500 elements of exposed personal information per person, scattered across the Internet and accessible to hackers and thieves.



Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

  • PII takedowns: location and removal
  • 900+ sites covered, including custom requests
  • Ongoing scanning for new threats
  • Social media privacy monitoring
  • Privacy vulnerability reporting

Reputation Monitoring

Reputation Monitoring

  • AI-powered sentiment analysis of search results
  • Reputation grading/scoring
  • Search result takedowns and/or suppression
  • Custom consulting/strategy
  • Custom content creation and promotion

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

  • Dark web data breach monitoring
  • Executive impersonation detection
  • Doxxing detection scans
  • Expanded exposure monitoring
  • Cybersecurity and social media recommendations