How To Clean Up Internet Reputation

The Internet has, for better or worse, given us a reputation with the entire world. We can enter our names into a search engine and get back dozens of results. It's a new world and, sometimes, people will attempt to use it against you.

How do you keep your earn and keep a clean Internet reputation? Start with these steps.


Create An Internet Brand On Facebook, Twitter, And LinkedIn

Make sure that you, or your business, has a Facebook page, a Twitter page and a LinkedIn page, as these are the three most common social networks. Having your own page makes it more difficult for people to impersonate you, but more importantly, it also gives you a space on the internet to define yourself and build a good Internet reputation. Be positive in your posts; don't start arguments on social media, or use it to communicate difficulty with other people. View them as a professional outlet to network, make friends and meet clients for your business.

Similarly, starting a personal blog for yourself or your company is a good way to define your reputation online, and offers you a place to offer your perspective on specific events.

Acting in a mature, professional manner online both limits the chances you'll offend somebody and also makes it simple for people looking for you to find you and develop a clean Internet reputation.


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Mend Fences Where Possible

Has somebody chewed your business out in a blog post? Posted their side of a personal story on Facebook? Bad review posted on a site? Reach out to them and see if you can make things right. Especially if you were unaware of the situation, you can address the problem directly and preserve your Internet reputation.

Often people are angry because they feel they haven't been heard, or you or the other business owners have ignored their complaints. Speaking with people who feel slighted, and addressing their concerns, can help mitigate bad reviews and negative word-of-mouth, and settling personal disputes aired online in a calm, mature manner makes both you and the person complaining look better, giving you both a positive Internet reputation.

Needless to say, this isn't always possible, but the key point is to make an effort. Showing that you care about your reputation and want to make things right gets your perspective out there and lets others know that if something goes wrong, you'll reach out to put it right.


Work With ReputationDefender To Bring Out Your Best Online

It's proven that most people don't look beyond the first page of search results, and often rarely beyond the first two links offered on that page. If you can't mend fences and somehow a complaint has moved past the work you've put into your personal or professional reputation, there's still an option that lets you keep your good online reputation.

ReputationDefender has patented technology that helps you put the best possible results about you, whether on a personal or professional level, at the top of any search links. By putting your best reputation forward on the Internet, and at the top of the links, this means that no matter how hard the mean-spirited may try to take control of your Internet reputation, it'll still be in your hands. Contact us to learn more.

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