3 Steps to Fixing a Teacher’s Online Reputation

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Step One: See What's Online

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems in school teacher reputation repair is that they can be held to standards that are a bit beyond most other members of the community. Teachers have run into personal difficulty for attending bachelorette parties, wearing bikinis on vacation, or even just drinking from a red Solo cup. Parents can severely overreact to these images, and some of the statements can be accusatory or abusive well out of proportion to the "crime."

Before applying any teacher reputation repair strategy, get a complete picture of what people are saying, and take notes. Get a sense of what people are saying, and why they're saying it. Once you understand it, then you can take proper action.


Step Two: Remove The Content Where Possible

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Next, you need to deal with the content that you can actually deal with. For example, after taking note of who's saying what, delete any abusive or hostile statements off your social media presence, personal blogs, and so on. Similarly, reach out to any sites where you find rude or offensive content about yourself, and see if it's possible to remove that content. This alone will be a big step in repairing your online reputation as a teacher.

Be aware that the site is entirely under the control of its owners, and removing any content will be at their discretion. They may choose to do so, or they may not choose to do so. It's unlikely that if they choose the latter, you'll be able to force them to remove the content, even if you resort to legal means.

This doesn't mean that you won't be able to take legal action, per se, but it likely won't be in the form of libel or slander actions. Those are difficult to prove in court, although more extreme behavior might merit other legal action, depending on the situation and the advice of legal counsel. It's better for school teacher reputation repair to stick to non-legal means.


Step Three: Push Offensive Content About You Off the Search Results

It's little known outside of search engine optimization circles, but few people look beyond the top two search results for a topic, and almost no one looks at the second page of search results. It's trivia in most cases, but for teacher online reputation management, it can be a useful tool.

How? You can begin putting out positive information about yourself and begin pushing negative content and smears down on search results. It won't happen tomorrow; you'll need to work hard to ensure the positive about you is out there, being linked to and discussed. But it will allow you to get slanderous statements and overreactions off the first page of your web results.

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