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Inc: The Right (and Wrong) Way to Use Google to Protect Your Reputation

Inc.’s Tess Townsend interviews ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta about the right way to Google yourself to check up on your online reputation. Read the article >>

Aacabo: How to Protect Your Business’s Online Reputation

Dan Tynan from Aabaco shares the horrifying story of a woman whose reputation and husband’s business were defamed by the owners of a naturopathic website due to a billing dispute. Based on an interview with ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta, Tynan explains what steps can be done to protect a small business’s reputation in this type of situation. Read the article >>

GQ: Meet The Tech Company That Can Re-Create Your Online Identity

In this interview with GQ, ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta talks about the importance of online reputation management and what individuals and businesses can do to improve their image on the Web. Read the article >>

Fusion: Police ruined this man’s online reputation, and there’s nothing he can do about it

In this article about a man falsely accused and maliciously targeted by Philadelphia police, ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta talks about the EU “right to be forgotten” as well as what it takes to fight incorrect online perceptions in the US. Read the article >>

Reuters: It Costs to Clean Up Your Online Reputation

This article discusses the impacts of cyberbullying and online harassment, the rise of insurance against such a risk, and the costs of remediation. It includes commentary by ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta as well as tips on protecting your online reputation. Read the article >>

Reuters Your Money: Cyber bullying delivers a punch to consumer wallets

In this Reuter’s article, journalist Amy Tennery interviews ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta about what people can do to deal with embarrassing online photos and cyberbullying. Read the article >>

The Guardian: Revenge porn industry profiting from online abuse

In this exposé on revenge porn, the Guardian interviews ReputationDefender founder Michael Fertik on what can be done to stop the propagation of unsavory photos online. Read the article >>

CNET: Forget being a victim. What to do when revenge porn strikes

This CNET article provides a great rundown of the resources available to victims of revenge porn. It includes information on ReputationDefender's services, a range of legal options, and other tactics individuals can use to get illicit online photos removed or obfuscated. Read More >>

US News: A Consumer’s Guide to Defending Your Brand

US News provides a good overview of how your online reputation can affect your career prospects, as well as tips for those who aren't sure how to start building their online presence. Read More >>

“Your digital reputation is the key to success”: Michael Fertik in the India Times

In this piece, the India Time's Priyanka Sangani interviews ReputationDefender CEO Michael Fertik about the ways companies are using personal online data to make hiring decisions. The article also discusses key themes from Fertik's recent book, The Reputation Economy, and offers advice about "Big Analysis" for businesses. Read More >>