Social Media Management for Bed and Breakfast Owners

The Internet can be an enormous boon to bed and breakfast owners, especially ones in out-of-the-way places. With careful research, you can cultivate an online reputation that brings customers to spend the night with you, even if they have to go out of their way to do it. However, it also means you have to spend at least some of your time focusing on B&B reputation management. Bed and breakfast social media management will be key to your marketing and often will help you counteract bad reviews.


Why Is Social Media Managment Important For Bed And Breakfasts?

It seems that everyone has a smartphone these days, and the constant updates, photos, and videos flowing out of those devices can help you promote your business. No matter how advanced technology gets, word of mouth is still the best advertising method, and satisfied customers are your best advertisements. B&B social media strategies can ensure you get the most out of this.

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For example, encourage your customers to “check in” to your bed and breakfast online using sites such as Foursquare or Facebook Places. When a customer takes a photo of the food you serve and praises it online, ask them if they’d mind you sharing it with your followers online. And there’s no reason you can’t do these things yourself. If your B&B is located in a scenic spot, take a few snapshots of the sunset or photos along local nature trails and post them to your business’ social media accounts. Of course, don’t hesitate to share positive content happy customers place online as part of your bed and breakfast reputation management strategy.

It’s especially important because a bed and breakfast is generally sought out by customers looking for a warmer and personal experience than booking a hotel room. Showing that personal touch online is key to reputation management for a B&B and will help communicate that you have it in person as well.


Online Reviews

Secondly, you should keep a close eye on your online reviews. Online reviews are very often one of the deciding factors for your customers, so a bad review is something you should take seriously and respond to quickly. Similarly, good reviews need to be encouraged as much as possibly without directly asking for them.

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You should have alerts set up, or have a reputation management agency such as ReputationDefender, to monitor your reviews as they come in. This isn’t just a rating of your establishment in the local newspaper. Sites such as TripAdvisor, and local travel websites should be watched closely for reviews good and bad.

Be sure to encourage good reviews. For example, you might have links to your reviews posted on your B&B’s website. Give your customers opportunities to give you positive reviews, but make sure that you’re not coming off as demanding or pushy. Your best advocates online will be customers who choose to give you positive reviews.

Finally, be sure to reply to bad reviews politely and clearly. If you can come to an accord, great, but if not, demonstrating that you handle hard situations professionally will help you preserve your online reputation.

If you’re not sure where to start with bed & breakfast social media management, ReputationDefender can help. We’ll show you how to develop smart, clear strategies for social media management, and teach you how to deal with even the nastiest online review. Make sure your B&B reflects online the care you put into it in the real world with ReputationDefender.

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