5 Social Media Management Tips for Dermatologists

Even the most marketing savvy medical professional can struggle with what precisely to do with social media, and dermatologists are no exception. But an-point social media profile can do wonders for your practice. Here are five ways to use dermatologist social media management.

Taking General Questions

One of the best dermatologist social media strategies is to use your Twitter account or your professional Facebook page as an informal forum to answer general questions. Of course, you should let someone know if you can't answer their question without an examination. But if it's just a general question, or if somebody is asking about the validity of an urban legend, take a moment to answer; it'll help everyone reading, and build your dermatology social media presence.

Sharing Interesting Articles

One of the more obvious uses of social media is to share links with your fans and friends. Dermatologists can use this to their advantage. For example, you might share an interesting article about preventing skin cancer, or the latest research. And of course, if you're mentioned in a professional journal or in the newspaper, take a moment to toot your own horn. It's what these sites are for, to some degree, and it can draw the attention of potential clients, the ultimate goal of any dermatologist image management plan.

Post Images Of Your Practice As Part Of Your Dermatologist Social Media Management

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Remember, there's more to social media than just text. In fact, social media sites are working hard to make it easier to share video and photos. So take advantage of that; take photos of staff or new renovations to your offices, for example. Or film videos where you demonstrate new procedures or talk about new medications. One note: Before you share any images of a patient, you should always check that you'll be in compliance with HIPAA laws, and that you have the patient's consent to do so, especially for before and after pictures. Nothing can derail a dermatology practice's social media strategy like having to take down a bunch of pictures.

Share Positive Statuses

We all like to hear that we're doing a good job, and social media lets you put that out there with ease. If a patient shares a positive experience with your practice, take a moment to share it on your professional page as part of your dermatology marketing strategy. This will help you in two ways; the first, of course, is that there is no better form of advertising than word of mouth. But the second is a little more subtle; it's flattering that the businesses you work with cares about what you think, and sending the message that you're paying attention will make a patient more likely to come back to your practice when they need your services.

Add A Little Bit Of The Personal Touch

A professional Facebook or Twitter page should be more or less professional. But take a moment now and then to engage in a little community boosterism, whether you mention an event in your area happening in a few days, share a status about a local charity's recent actions, or just throw in a word of support for the high school sports team the night before a major game. It's these touches that help patients think of you as a person, not just a doctor.

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