How To Get Your Blog Noticed By Google Blog Search

As with all search technology, Google blog search is a double-edged sword. On one hand you can say whatever you want on your blog, and anybody can create one by signing up with free services like Blogger or WordPress. That’s a lot of self-empowerment potential right there.

On the other hand, people now have a better chance than ever of actually finding what you have to say (read on for the implications). The sheer number of blogs used makes finding any particular one a difficult proposition unless its owner had taken steps to attract attention, such as creating frequent content and actively linking to, and soliciting links from, other websites. Only then might the blog start receiving appreciable traffic.

But now Google indexes blogs based on the topics they address, and you can learn how to get your blog noticed by Google blog search. If someone searches for a topic, s/he is much more likely than before to find blogs that address that topic, regardless of popularity.

Great news, right? Yes, but consider this: What you write on your blog today — and consequently, what other bloggers write about you — has a greater bearing on your online reputation than ever before.

Search for yourself or your business in the blogosphere.

Google’s blog search is available on the Google homepage under the “more” pull-down menu at the top navigation bar. To see where you come up online, click “Blogs” and search for yourself.

You’ll probably recognize many of the results you find, but the new blog search is also likely to turn up items you didn’t know about. If the results you get are flattering, consider linking to them on your own blog or website as a form of cross-promotion. This can be particularly powerful as a business reputation management tool. This is a great way to get your blog noticed by Google blog search.

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You might, however, find negative results or unwelcome personal information on someone else’s blog. If so you might need to begin taking proactive online reputation management steps.

Make your blog earn its keep.

You now understand why you must begin paying closer attention to what your blog says about you or your business. Start by finding out if your blog is saying what you’re intending it to say.

Choose a good title

Examine your blog’s title. A good title includes topic-oriented keywords. Strike a balance between words that both engage readers and give Google a clear idea of the subject. Clever or abstract titles might be appropriate for your audience but hurt your Google blog rankings. If you do choose a title that isn’t highly topic focused, make doubly sure the rest of your blog is.

Be aware of incorrect associations

Next minimize the possibility for incorrect associations. For example, let’s say you run an auto body business and maintain a blog on hot rods. Your blog posts should talk about your business and about hot rods. If half of your posts are about your passion for organic farming, your blog might rank poorly.

Watch out for spam

Also watch out for spam in your comments. Many blogging platforms allow you to monitor and control who posts what in the comment section of your blog. If your comments are littered with off-topic spam, your blog is not likely to rank well. Make sure to use a spam filter to keep your blog focused or set up some form of security, like a CAPTCHA or mandatory registration.

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Use Google blog search proactively.

Google blog search is a powerful tool to promote your business, monitor your online reputation and protect your digital privacy. But this power has consequences: It can make deficiencies more obvious, expose personal information and increase your risk of defamation.

Take proactive steps to get your blog noticed by Google blog search, and make sure that it is working for you rather than against you.

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