Online Hotel Review Monitoring

Online Restaurant Review Monitoring
Newspaper food reviews, while not a thing of the past, have been largely supplanted and democratized by the advent of business listing websites. These sites feature engaging and often brutally honest user-generated rankings and reviews. Before trying out a neighborhood eatery, or when searching out a downtown culinary destination, patrons scan Angie’s List and other sites for establishments that receive glowing customer comments. For this reason, it is essential for every restauranteur to engage in proactive online restaurant review monitoring.
Online Restaurant Review Monitoring – Engage With Reviews and Ensure that Your Business Looks Its Best Online
Engage With Reviews
While there is an element of defensiveness to online restaurant review monitoring, legitimate customer opinions are nothing to be afraid of. There is a hidden value to gaining insight into people’s unvarnished opinions of your establishment, at a much lower cost than customer surveys and other market research. Understanding legitimate customer concerns enables you to take action, redefining service and culinary techniques as necessary. At the same time, online restaurant review monitoring helps identify cases of negative and misleading content.
Ensure that Your Business Looks Its Best Online
A vital element of online restaurant review monitoring involves ensuring that your business looks its very best on the Internet. Negative reviews that remain on the Web past their expiration date can easily become lodged in Google results. In establishing a preemptive online reputation management strategy, consider an affordable and professional monitoring tool such as ReputationDefender for Business. Featuring a user-friendly dashboard with drill-down analytics of reviews and content from across the Web, the monitoring software performs advanced 24/7 sentiment analysis. Most importantly, potentially damaging content is brought to your attention as soon as it is generated.
Online Restaurant Review Monitoring and Reputation Optimization
Unwanted content simply won’t go away can end up affecting customer decisions and your restaurant’s bottom line. With six years of intensive research & development experience behind it, ReputationDefender has developed patented solutions that catapult accurate and positive content about your company to Google prominence. At the same time, steps are taken to demote damaging links, ensuring that potential patrons are not motivated to take their business elsewhere. To find out more about online restaurant review monitoring and focused reputation solutions, call 877-492-5209877-492-5209.

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