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20 stats about online reviews that hoteliers need to know

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by Jennifer Bridges  @JenBridgesRD

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To survive in the competitive hospitality market, hoteliers need a strong reputation that attracts a constant stream of new customers. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is to manage your property’s online reviews.

The following statistics show how online reviews can help grow your business in three important ways.

Getting potential guests to notice you

According to these seven statistics, most people make their travel plans on the Internet, and a large part of their research involves reading a lot of online reviews. Therefore, if your hotel has a weak online presence, with few to no reviews, then potential guests will overlook you in favor of hotels with more reviews. Some ways to get more reviews include claiming your profile on review sites, routinely asking for reviews, and making it as easy as possible for your guests to leave reviews.

1. 70.9% of travelers say online content influences their choice of where to stay. (RMS)

2. 81% of people frequently or always read reviews before booking a hotel. (TripAdvisor)

3. 52% of individuals would never book a hotel that had zero reviews. (TripAdvisor)

4. 55% of travelers read several pages worth of reviews to get a better sense of public opinion. (TripAdvisor)

5. 66% of travelers plan to spend more time reading reviews about destinations. (TripAdvisor)

6. 65% of people gain their travel inspiration from online searches. (Google)

7. 72% of travelers frequently or always read reviews before deciding where to stay or what to do. (TripAdvisor)

Gaining consumers’ trust

These statistics reveal that reviews are an important form of social proof. People feel they can trust you if you garner high star ratings and offer courteous responses to guest reviews, as doing so demonstrates that you care about giving your customers the best possible experience. These things also highlight your hotel’s transparency and authenticity.

8. When deciding between two similar properties, 79% of consumers are more likely to reserve a room at the hotel with a higher rating. (TripAdvisor)

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9. Customers will value guest ratings over a hotel’s brand 72% of the time. (Expedia)

10. Over 40% of travelers will leave a review if they have a positive experience at a hotel. (ReviewTrackers)

11. 48% of guests will leave a review after a bad hotel experience. (ReviewTrackers)

12. Travelers read an average of 9 reviews before deciding to book a hotel. (TripAdvisor)

13. 91% of travelers want property owners to respond to negative reviews. (Expedia)

Helping you earn more from each booking

This group of statistics reveals the relationship between your reputation and your bottom line. Unsurprisingly, consumers are willing to pay more for a quality hotel experience, and the amount they are willing to pay directly corresponds with the level of star rating a hotel has. As such, you should make sure potential guests can see a surplus of positive online reviews. One way to do this is to add a link to your reviews on your website. You can also share impressive customer feedback on your social media channels. This way, when people search for your hotel’s name, they can easily find lots of positive word of mouth about your property.

14. Guests will pay 24% more for a hotel with a 3.9 rating over one that’s rated 2.4. (Expedia)

15. Guests will pay 35% more for a hotel with a 4.4 rating over one with a 3.9 rating. (Expedia)

16. A 1-star rating increase leads to a 2.2–3.0% rise in hotel monthly revenues. (Yong Chen and ATM Sayfuddin)

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17. Travelers spend an average of 71% of their time researching their trip online. (Google)

18. There is an average 27.8% higher demand for hotels rated one star higher on all review platforms. (Lewis and Zervas)

19. Properties see 10% more net room nights when guest reviews show how properties handle COVID-19 mitigation. (Expedia)

20. Over 90% of travel and hospitality business owners think online reviews are among the three most important factors affecting the future of their industry. (TripAdvisor)

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Whether it’s drawing your customers’ eye, building trust, or establishing your hotel’s worth, a solid online reputation built on a foundation of positive reviews can enable your hotel to thrive. If you would like more detailed information about the best ways to manage your online reviews, see the following articles: