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How to opt out of Rapleaf and protect your Internet privacy

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How to Opt Out of Rapleaf and Protect Your Internet Privacy

Business marketing can be hit or miss. A company might invest a significant amount of money in a daily periodical, only to discover that its target market doesn’t even read that type of newspaper. Promoting its product or service to key demographics is an important part of any business’s growth and customer base.


Enter Rapleaf, a company dedicated to data aggregation. This type of service can greatly benefit companies that need to get to know who’s interested in their products and why. At the same time, you might not wish for your privacy to be compromised, however minimally This article explains how to opt out of Rapleaf and protect your Internet privacy.

Data aggregators like Rapleaf collect readily available information from public websites and sell it to companies that use it to construct their marketing plans. Rapleaf’s goal is to provide users with personalized website experiences. Such efforts allow you to receive customized ads that target your specific interests, saving you time and money while browsing online.


Control your personal information while browsing websites.

The personal information that Rapleaf collects might be taken from social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or it might come from large e-commerce websites that use cookies to follow a user’s clicks. A cookie is a text file that stores user preferences like shopping cart items or log-in information.

Rather than collect specific personal information about people, Rapleaf builds user profiles. A user of a cosmetics website might be placed in a group labeled, “female, ages 25–29”, along with her location and shopping cart preferences. Though cookies can store specific names and email addresses, Rapleaf removes all traces of user information before selling the profiles to marketing companies. Know how to opt out of Rapleaf and protect your Internet privacy


Manage the content that you want your customers to see.

Rapleaf is a treasure trove of marketing information for businesses. The company can find out what users are searching for in real time and then translate that data into useable information. Rapleaf does provide a valuable service, but it and similar services sometimes come under fire for the ways they obtain their information.

You’ve likely heard of issues with personal data being leaked onto the Web. Rapleaf was recently profiled in the news relating to an incident in which it was able to access user information from Facebook apps like Farmville. As with any company that reputably amasses large amounts of data online, Rapleaf focuses on business internet reputation management. Protecting privacy is one of its top concerns, and so upon discovering the unintentional nature of the leaked data, Rapleaf removed all traces of user information from its database — but not before some of the information had been sold to other companies.


Remove your personal data from Rapleaf’s data systems.

You might decide that you don’t want personal content directed at you during your website browsing, or you simply have concerns about your personal information being made available to companies online. In such cases you can remove yourself from Rapleaf’s data system by using two simple steps:

1) Opt out of receiving Rapleaf cookies.

Opting out of Rapleaf cookies removes them from your computer. Then another cookie, which instructs Rapleaf’s data aggregators to stop storing your information, is sent to your computer. This cookie does all the privacy work. If you decide later on to clean out your cookies or you switch computers, you must opt out of Rapleaf cookies again.

2) Opt out of Rapleaf permanently.

For those who desire a more lasting way to keep their personal data from being leaked online, you can permanently opt out of Rapleaf. Simply follow the steps and wait approximately 48 hours for your information to be deleted from the company’s data systems. This is a good option for those who want to permanently block Rapleaf’s data-mining efforts.


Remove yourself from global advertising servers.

In addition to opting out of Rapleaf permanently, you can also choose to opt out of even more personalized advertising by using the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-out Tool. Doing so gets you an opt-out cookie that pertains to companies that are members of the Network Advertising Initiative. It isn’t a comprehensive list of all companies that might target you with personalized advertising, and it won’t remove all ads from websites that you visit, but it’s a great way to start taking control of your personal information online.  Know how to opt out of Rapleaf and protect your Internet privacy.