Best-in-class privacy protection

ExecutivePrivacy keeps sensitive personal data about you and your family from falling into the wrong hands. Best of all, there’s no effort on your part—we do all the work.

Get peace of mind from current and future online privacy threats with ExecutivePrivacy:

  • Your personal data purged from online data brokers
  • Regular privacy audits to find and suppress new threats
  • Ongoing reporting on the status of your online privacy
  • Solutions for executive teams and corporate security

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How ExecutivePrivacy Works

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Data Suppression

We purge personal data from dozens of online sources, using automated and manual methods.

A privacy expert oversees removals and handles any custom requests.

Ongoing Surveillance

We periodically check the status of all removals and purge any new records that have been created.

We search for new sources of personal information that require removal.

Detailed Reporting

You’ll receive regular reports on your privacy status and any outstanding threats.

If new records get associated with your protected data, we send you an alert.

Online privacy: Vital for You and Your Business

Personal privacy vulnerabilities don’t just affect individuals. They often serve as an entry point for hackers targeting businesses.That’s why we offer bundled ExecutivePrivacy engagements for executive teams and corporate security operations, in addition to the packages we provide to individuals.

By obliterating personal data about your company’s executives, we make it significantly harder for malicious actors to target your business with spear phishing attacks or other social engineering scams.

The IRS estimates identity theft led to $21 billion in fraudulent refunds in 2016.

A typical corporate data breach generated an average loss of $4 million in 2016.

Nearly one in two companies suffered a data breach in 2014.
(Ponemon Institute)

Cybercriminals stole $16 billion from 12.7 million Americans in 2014.
(Javelin Research)

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Common Privacy Threats

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Executives Targeted by Hackers

Hackers often turn to a company’s executives when planning a hack, because they can use personal information from the executive to break into the IT system. ExecutivePrivacy makes this much harder to do.

Law Professionals Face Threats from Felons

Criminals often go after the people who put them away, sometimes even targeting family members. ExecutivePrivacy hides your personal information and makes it harder for them to find your family.

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Cyberstalkers use Personal Info to Find Victims

Whether a former partner, ex-employee, or unrequited romantic interest, stalkers increasingly turn to the Internet to find addresses, phone numbers and other personal details about their targets. ExecutivePrivacy removes this information from your records so the trail goes cold.

Subscription Options

ExecutivePrivacy Plus
ExecutivePrivacy Premium
Number of sources removed50+50+50+
Name variations protected288
Address variations protected31212
Phone numbers protected102020
Email addresses protected102020
Compliance audits of sites you’ve been removed fromquarterlymonthlymonthly
Personalized privacy reportsquarterlymonthlymonthly
Manual removal of info from challenging sites
Custom removal requests, when possible
Two-tiered, in-depth reporting
Social media monitoring and privacy audits
Custom Web monitoring and threat analysis
Custom privacy hardening suggestions and threat list

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