How to Get Your Information Removed From Intelius People Search


How to Get Your Information Removed From Intelius People Search

Protecting online identity is a growing concern given the nature of the Internet and the plethora of information that is now available to the general public with the click of a button. Take action to protect your identity by limiting the amount of personal data that is available on the web. The best place to begin is by getting your information removed from Intelius people search.



What is is a people search database that aggregates your personal information from multiple online databases, and offers consumers and businesses the opportunity to purchase a report containing the information. The material is collected from white pages, yellow pages, newspaper articles, public records, and other online mentions.

The Intelius people search reports range in identifying content from offering very limited information about an individual to offering advanced information. Some of the personal data that Intelius people search collects in these reports include your:

  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Age and date of birth
  • Income
  • Aliases and court records

Having your personal info removed from Intelius is initially quite easy, however you'll need to monitor their site monthly as they typically find your data on another site and repost it, and in light of this you'll need to go to the 100+ other similar sites and continuously apply to have your data removed.  To get started with the DIY method here's what we recommend:

  1. Sign up for ReputationDefender's Free Monitoring tool
  2. Visit Intelius's opt out page:
  3. Starting with,, &, go through the opt out process for each
  4. Continue to Monitor your online data through the tool, and tackle the 100+ sites as you have time
  5. Ensure that you visit each site you removed your data from each month to ensue that they haven't replaced it


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Getting Your Personal & Private Information Removed Automatically

ReputationDefender has recognized that everyone from Individuals to SMB's to CEO's rely heavily on being able to control their online info, and after consulting with leading internet privacy & online reputation experts, have developed specific services and tools to assist in removal, monitoring and control of your online personal information.  As you see above we've provided some detailed information around Intelius's online data removal; however we also understand that the steps to limit and remove your online private information are time intensive and require intimate knowledge of Intelius and the other 100+ data aggregation sites that collect and sell your private information.  To this end ReputationDefender has developed MyPrivacy & ExecPrivacy, that can a help you remove, monitor & control your online data/info.

Privacy PRO & ExecPrivacy

This is a service that we recommend for all individuals as well as public figures.  MyPrivacy offers a number of different levels of service, from simple (& free) privacy monitoring through to a fully managed privacy service, with the Exec package designed for those that are constantly in the public eye and need full and complete online anonymity.  As you interact online, join programs, book vacations, engage social platforms or simply subscribe to newsletters etc, your personal info is being carefully stored and aggregated by a vast number of companies like Intelius that in turn provide and sell this data to anyone.  To gain control of or simply remove your personal information online, MyPrivacy & ExecPrivacy puts you back in charge.

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