Small Business Marketing Tips for Dry Cleaners


Build a Website

A website is key to any dry cleaning marketing plan. Consider your website to be an online business card; it should be simple, clean, and informative. Also, having a website gives you a focus for building your online reputation; you can include links to your social media presences, review websites, and other sites that can boost your name in your community.


Post Flyers

A flyer is a seemingly common tool for dry cleaning marketing; but for some reason, it works. Post wherever you think your services might be valued; you'd be surprised how often a simple flyer can build business.


Register on Review Websites

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Most review websites will offer you tools to register your business, and you should do that ASAP. Review websites will help raise your store's visibility, and it will also give you tools to find, track, and reply to reviews on that website. Dry cleaners especially need to use careful dry cleaner reputation management on review websites.


Offer a Promotion

Promotions are useful tools for getting new customers in the door with a dry cleaning small business marketing plan, or getting current ones to bring you a little more business. Wording is just as important as the actual offer; handing out a coupon for something "free" often will draw attention, even if giving away the "free" item costs you less than offering a discount.


Start Social Media Accounts

Social media is also important, and can often be used in conjunction with other marketing methods. For example, if your business has a Facebook page, you can post a digital coupon or offer a discount for everyone who "Likes" your page. People enjoy being rewarded for seemingly simple things, and it helps you build your business and find more customers, especially if your customers start sharing your page. Be sure to update your social media presences regularly; share good news, like positive reviews posted online, or letters from happy customers. The more engaged you are with your dry cleaner marketing campaign, the more loyal your customers.


Think Locally

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Remember, you offer a local business, so look into what people read, watch, and listen to in your area. For example, a free newspaper might surprise you with how high its circulation is, or your customers might be fans of the local talk radio station. Talk to your customers and look for opportunities to put your business at the front of minds locally.

A good dry clean is just the beginning.


Use Local SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a useful tool for getting your website noticed. Local SEO, which tightly focuses SEO efforts so that you're at the top of local results, is especially effective. After all, you don't need people from across the country to hear about you; you need people from across town to hear about you. Local SEO can go a long way towards putting you at the top of the heap.

If you need help with dry cleaner reputation management or building an online reputation for your dry cleaner, start with ReputationDefender. We'll help you build a positive online reputation and show you how to always put your best face forward online. Keep customers coming in with ReputationDefender.

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