How Car Rental Companies Should Manage Social Media

Social media can be incredibly useful for a car rental company or it can cause a problem that can spread before you even realize that it’s happening. So what are the best techniques for car rental social media management?

Set Up Professional Pages

Claim your online real estate in major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure to contact the site directly and have your account verified or otherwise marked as official so that customers know it’s you and not a parody site. Unfortunately, part of social media management for car rental agencies is handling parody accounts.

Make Sure They’re Updated Regularly

You don’t need to post every single thing that crosses your desk, but it is a good idea to update each social network you’re a part of at least once a day or so. It could be anything from a coupon to an informal customer survey, but regular updating means that it’s more than just an empty storefront. You want your car rental social media presence to be something your fans enjoy visiting and find useful.

Engage With Your Customers

Post content that asks customers to respond, such as what their favorite car to rent is during the summer and engage with them accordingly. Customers always respond well to being engaged with in a positive way; they find it flattering and it makes them more invested in your brand. Social media for car rental companies is built on direct engagement with your best customers.

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Make Sure Your Monitor is Informed, and Able to Get Answers Quickly

Often people will use social media to communicate with you directly. It could be a question about cars you have available, request for clarification of a specific policy, or any number of things. Make sure whoever is monitoring your account can weigh in with at least a basic answer and has the contacts available to get answers to the more obscure questions. If nothing else, they should be empowered to reply, Good Question! Let me get back to you! With car rental social media marketing, often speedy customer service is the best advertising you can get.

Give Complaints Priority

One big problem car rental companies can run into is if a customer complains online. Complaints need to be handled quickly and carefully because they’re simple to share online and difficult to keep from going viral if they hit a certain tipping point. The silver lining is that if your car rental social media team handle a complaint well, that can also go viral, bringing you good word of mouth and customer good will. Comment publicly on the complaint, but empower your social media person to contact a person directly and collect information before passing it on.

Of course, not all complaints can be solved to the customer’s satisfaction, but at the very least you can demonstrate a willingness to listen, which is equally important to consumers.

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Remember That Social Media is Only Part of Your Online Strategy

Car rental social media management and interacting with customers is important, but equally important is to remember there’s more to the Internet. Review sites, private blogs, and consumer news sites can offer just as many opportunities and challenges as social media, and can even pick up on social media stories, for better or for worse.

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