FAQs About Online Reputation Specialists

Ten years ago, online reputation was little more than having your own website. Now, the Internet has become more complex and difficult to navigate, and an online reputation specialist can be a necessity. But who are they? What do they do? And when do you need one? Here are some frequently asked questions about online reputation specialists, and what they do.


What Is an Online or Internet Reputation Specialist?

An online reputation specialist is an individual who focuses on using social media, review websites, and search engine optimization to ensure your reputation is properly presented online.


What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is developing your web presence so that when specific terms are searched for online, your website come up. For example, a well optimized business website will appear at the top of the search results when you look for it online. A web reputation specialist can help you with SEO.


How Is an Online Reputation Built?

Several different ways, depending on whether it's a person or a business. However, generally it's developed both by content you write about yourself and your business online via social media and other outlets, and by things people write about you online.


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How Can What Others Say About Me Affect My Online Reputation?

A smear campaign, negative review, or unfair news article about you can rapidly rise to the top of your search results on many search engines. Search engines don't look at the content, per se; just how often it's linked to, how often it's viewed, and other factors as a part of its algorithm for weighing how relevant it is to specific keywords. So if a link like this gets traction, it can be difficult for you to remove on your own. Web image consultants can help keep those links from getting traction.


What Are Some of the Services An Internet Reputation Specialist Can Offer?

Monitoring: You can't be on the Internet every single day, but a specialist can. They'll be able to find, summarize, and refer you to new search results over terms you ask for.

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Reputation Protection: A specialist can find, isolate, and help you remove negative links and other content about you or your company much more quickly than you could on your own, and will look in places that may not occur to you.

Reputation Repair: If your reputation has already been damaged, a specialist will be able to help you rebuild your reputation, no matter what the damage.

Reputation Management: A specialist, once your reputation is fixed, will be able to help you keep an eye on reputation problems.


What Should I Look for in an Online Reputation Specialist?

Look for specific referrals; a specialist should be able to point you towards happy clients. Also, talk to the specialist about their strategies and techniques to get a sense of what they'll do and how they engage in it. You'll be able to tell if a specific specialist is right for you.

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