5 Small Business Marketing Strategies for Home Improvement Companies

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Even the best home improvement business still needs one crucial item to be successful: Customers. Home improvement businesses in particular need to focus on reputation management and targeted marketing to get the maximum effect from their marketing dollar. Here are five home improvement small business marketing strategies that help bring customers to you and your crews to sites.

1. Direct Mail Marketing

Believe it or not, many home improvement marketing campaigns still send direct mail, and the reason is simple: It works. Direct mail is a good way to reach an entire neighborhood at once, and it also has useful targeting abilities; you won’t be delivering your marketing message to apartment renters or college dorms, but homeowners who will be looking for home improvement services. Be sure to choose a service that allows you to market to homeowners, instead of just dumping flyers in the mail, however.

2. Community Events

The best way to make a community aware of your home improvement business is to get out in the community and get involved. For example, if there’s a Habitat for Humanity project, you might volunteer some time and materials to help. If a local charity fundraiser needs help, you might consider pitching in yourself. It’s a good way to network with fellow community members and it also makes it part of your contractor marketing strategy that you’re not just a home improvement business: you’re a community business.

3. Online Advertising

Online advertising is often construed as hit or miss, but again, that’s because you need to know who you want to reach and why. One of the key advantages of online advertising is that you can get very specific with your ad buys: For example, you can target your ads so that any homeowner visiting a local news site will see your ad, but a person uninterested in your services will see something else, and thus you’re only paying for the person interested in home improvement.

4. A Professional Website and Social Media Presence

Just like you have a professionally printed and attractive business card, it should be part of your home improvement marketing campaign have a professional website and social media presence. Social media in particular is intensely useful for cultivating an online reputation: You’ll be able to interact with customers and potential customers, post photos of your work, present video testimonials, and post links to positive reviews, allowing you to curate your positive press online and give anyone searching for you a well-organized and simple way to determine whether you’re the home improvement service for them.

5. Handling online reviews

The Internet also offers an opportunity hidden inside a concern: Potential bad reviews posted about your business online can be dangerous, but can also be powerful marketing tools. It’s important to stay on top of bad reviews for obvious reasons of online reputation management, but most review websites allow you to either reach out to the frustrated customer and see if there’s anything you can do to resolve the issue, or to publicly respond in a polite and professional way.

If a potential customer sees a bad review, and then sees that you not only saw the review, but did your best to address it in a way that satisfied all parties, it allows them to see how you handle a difficult situation, improving your image as a business. For more advice on what to do about online reviews, check out this article.

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