Dentist Online Review & Reputation Management

Dentist Online Review & Reputation Management

Let’s face it, few people like going to the dentist. Unfortunately, this negative view of dental care makes dentists an especially attractive target for anonymous Internet attacks. As such, it’s very important for dentists to offer the best possible service they can and to aggressively monitor and manage their reviews and reputations online.

A dentists reputation can be attacked in a few different ways from negative reviews on sites like or to negative articles on news sites like or personal blogs.  At the end of the day this negative content wherever it's posted effects the dentists reputation.  However, the way in which you approach dentist review management vs dentist reputation management is very different in both the way you combat a reputation situation as well as the cost, time and resources needed.  

Dentist Repuation & Review Management

ReputationDefender has recognized that dentists rely heavily on their online reputation & online reviews, and after consulting with many dentists from across the US, have developed specific services and tools to assist in monitoring, improving, defending and repairing online reputations and reviews.  As you'll see below we've laid out so general tips for improving or maintaining your current online dentist review and reputation situation; however we also realize that a dentists time and resources are extremely valuable and managing the whole "online repuation & review" environment themselves may not be effective of effecient.  To this end ReputationDefender has developed two services ReputationDefender® and Reputation for Business, that can a help dentist build, monitor, improve, manage, & repair their online presence.

Reputation for Business

This is a service that is recommend to all individual dentists as well as practices.  Reputation for Business offers a number of different levels of service, from simple monitoring through to a fully managed PR service, however the top packages are designed to not only save many hours per month that typically need to be spent on ones online presence but also to increase business by addressing negative reviews quickly and improving the online presence of the business through positive reviews from a dentists actual clients.  The increase in business generated through a postive online presence can be dramatic – ReputationDefender's Reputation for Business is a service/tool that is designed to acheive this for you.  To fix dentist reviews or simply create a buffer of positive reviews, Reputation for Business is a fully managed personal service and not just an online tool, that puts you back in charge of your practices reputation.

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ReputationDefender® is a very specific service, and unlike Reputation for Business is not something that is recommended (or needed) for most dentists.  ReputationDefender® has be specificially designed for dentists that have been attacked online through blogs, articles, and review sites by disgruntled patients or former employees.  Unfortunately under the law it is virtually impossible to have a court order the removal of online content, however it can be surpressed through techniques that we've perfected though $40+ million in research and development here at ReputationDefender.  Essentially anyone that Google's you or your practice won't look past the first couple pages of results, and if all they find are positive articles, reviews and sites then the negative material is substantially mitigated and your practice will be able to thrive.

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Dentist Reputation and Reviw Management Tips

1) Monitor feedback on customer review websites.

Consumer review websites such as are a double-edged sword for dental practices. If a dentist receives good reviews, the odds are favorable that the practice will see an increase in new patients. However, if a dentist has even a few negative reviews, those reviews can unfairly skew other people's impression of that dental practice. So while there’s no guaranteed way to prohibit disgruntled patients (or jealous competitors) from writing a negative review of your practice, there are steps you can take as the dentist who's at risk to mitigate any possible long-term damage bad reviews could cause.

Perhaps the best way to protect your reputation as a dentist appearing on consumer review sites is to appeal to satisfied patients, and request that they leave their own positive reviews. If you’re a qualified, likable dentist, you probably have more than a few loyal patients who would be happy to share their opinion. Another way to protect your reputation as a dentist is to make it easy for all your patients to leave feedback. If you show your dentisty patients that you’re receptive to constructive criticism, you’ll not only impress your patients but also give yourself the opportunity to identify legitimate problems with your dental practice.

If you do get a negative review, do your best to track down the patient who left it, and directly address his or her concerns. Find out if the problem is with your skills or compentency as a dentist or with your organization as a whole. If you’re fast to act, the patient may even revise the review, which can look even better than a positive review because it shows that you're a dentist who knows how to listen.

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One important note about soliciting positive feedback: If you’re going to do so, do it sparingly. Consumer review sites weed out reviews that appear at the same time or seem inauthentic. Rather than asking for positive feedback directly, simply ask your patients if they can review you. 


2) Be ready for angry patients.

Like any professional dentist with patients, you’re bound to receive a bad review once in a while. If you accept that fact, you can spend less time feeling hurt and more time doing damage control. Mitigation of negative reviews is a crucial aspect of online review management for dentists and their staff.

Additionally, you shouldn’t be the only who is prepared for the wrath of a dissatisfied patient. For maximum reputation protection, you should make sure to train your staff to deal with negative online feedback as well. Often on consumer review websites, a small problem becomes a big problem when misguided employees attempt to defend a dentist by insulting the person complaining. Your staff should deal with dentist complaints online the same way they do in person, with tact and professionalism.


3) Do you own

If you’re part of a larger dental practice, a short dentist's biography about you may already be listed on the practice’s website. While this is a good first step, it’s not enough to deter a persistent cyberbully. If you really want to control your reputation online, you should invest in purchasing one or more domain names related to you and your dental practice.

Think about how potential new patients search for dentists, and secure as many variations of your name as you can. For example, if you’re Dr. Joe Smith, DDS, of Smith Dental Associates, you may want to grab, and From here, it’s important to focus on populating each of those pages with unique and search engine-optimized Web content.

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4) Consider starting a dentist blog.

Blogging isn’t for everybody, but if you’re looking for a free or very inexpensive way to leverage the power of your preexisting website, you should consider creating a dentist blog. One of the things that makes blogs such a valuable resource for dentists and other medical professionals is that it gives patients the opportunity to interact with their dentist in a more substantial way.

Now, we’re not advocating offering patient-specific oral health advice online, but having a blog that features generalized dentist information could be helpful. For instance, if you write an excellent blog post on why flossing is important for preventing gingivitis, you’re offering something of value to your patients and you’re increasing the range of keywords that a new patient might use to find your practice.

In addition to blogging on the importance of oral hygiene, you could also take the opportunity to write about updates on your practice. Online reputation management tips for dentists includes positive self promotion. Did you install new carpet in the waiting room? Did you buy a technologically advanced X-ray machine? Believe it or not, these are things your patients would be interested in learning about.


5) Don’t mix business with pleasure.

When new patients look for a dentist, they want to find a professional they can trust. You don’t want them to locate inappropriate or embarrassing content about you online. While you may have had a great time at last year’s American Dental Association conference, that doesn’t mean you should share your after-party pictures online.

When it comes to your online reputation, remember to keep your personal identity and your professional identity as a dentist separate. If you’re going to share personal content, do it within a more secure environment that’s clearly delineated from your professional Web presence.


Dentist Reviews & Reputation Management – Is Your Business Ready?

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You've now had a chance to scratch the surface of dentist review and reputation management, and in the process hopefully gained some insights into the pitfalls and advantages of a poorly managed dentist reputation on the Web versus an actively managed dentist reputation. If you've learnt nothing else, the one takeaway that's imperative to remember — a dentist's reviews and reputation can make or break a business.  Here at ReputationDefender we'd love to help you with any reputation or review situation, whether it's just to give you some advice/direction, or to help you leverage our services. Give us a call anytime at 877-492-5209877-492-5209, or drop us a quick note here.


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