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How to manage social media for nursing homes

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Female home caregiver talking with senior woman, sitting in living room and listening to her carefully.

It would seem with the nature of the industry that nursing homes and other senior communities would stay at least somewhat old-fashioned to reach their customers. However, every business, regardless of its key demographic, needs to have an online presence with a website and social media presence. Nursing home social media management allows you to interact with the wider world and the wider industry, and it allows you to better control how your community is presented online.

Where to start with nursing home social media strategy

The best place to start is to consider your audience. While your community may largely consist of seniors, often you’ll be speaking both to the seniors and to their adult children, as which community the senior will join is often a joint decision made by the family. Gear your nursing home’s social media strategy towards both seniors and their older children, and keep in mind that both groups will likely be comfortable with computers and have access to assistance using them.

Next, put a strong focus on visual information in your nursing home social media campaign. Nursing home professionals can tell you all too many stories about assumptions made about the quality of living and facilities that they’ve had to field. Consider using social media to subtly counteract negative claims; for example, post video interviews with residents willing to discuss their quality of living to YouTube, or post photographs of facility parties, picnics, and other events to your company’s Facebook profile. You can incorporate photography in other ways, too. Post photo essays to your official company blog or website.

Remember your patients and potential patients

Keep an eye on your audience and demonstrate the quality of your community as you choose photos and videos. Again, the more detail your customers have, the more likely they are to reach out to you. Also, make sure that you’re updating your social media presence on a regular basis, at least weekly and preferably a few times a week. Effective nursing home social media management relies on frequency as much as quality.

Is social media impacting your online reputation? We can help

Another focus for your social media should be community testimonials written by residents. For example, you might have a few residents write blog entries that you could post to your site about their experience in the community. They could talk about their personal experiences as they transitioned from living on their own to living in a larger community, or draw comparisons. This gives your retirement home social media strategy a strong personal touch.

Don’t forget about the staff. There are quite a few misconceptions out there about what nursing home staff do and what their qualifications are. Have a few staffers discuss what they do, how they help members of the community, and what new residents can expect when they join. It helps to put a human face with your community and allows both possible members and their children to develop a better understanding of your mission and how you intend to achieve it.

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