ReputationDefender Reviews Monitoring Tool Provides Valuable Business Intel

ReputationDefender offers a review monitoring and improvement tool,ReputationDefender for Business, to help small business owners stay on top of what customers are saying about them online. In addition to using the software reactively, ReputationDefender’s review tracking technologies can also provide a new source of business intelligence.

Review Monitoring

The centralized ReputationDefender reviews analytics dashboard allows business owners to match changes in review tone, sentiment, and volume to changes in their business activities. A restaurant might use the ReputationDefender reviews monitoring tool to gauge customer reactions to a new menu. In person, a diner might tell the waiter, “That was great!”, but he or she is likely to be much more nuanced with their online reviews. ReputationDefender for Business assists business owners to scan the larger review trends for indicators of how successful their business strategies are.

Review Response

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When negative review trends appear, business owners can drill further down to discover the source of the problem. Reading through reviews collected and sorted by the ReputationDefender dashboard can identify the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. In the restaurant example above, maybe a favorite menu items was removed, or perhaps coordination with front-of-house staff suffered, leading to poor service. Either way, ReputationDefender reviews monitoring tool provide an easy way to zero in on problem areas so they can be quickly resolved.

Success At Your Digital Fingertips

ReputationDefender for Business can also assist business owners to enhance already successful strategies. By examining positive reviews, business owners can glean insights into the reasons their customers prefer them over the competition. Customer reviews often mention unique features of a business’s operations. Repeated mentions of a particular feature can help the business prioritize resources into areas that are valued by its clientele.

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