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Our online reputations, whether personal or corporate, have become just as important as our real life reputations. Consumer activist websites like have sprung up as a way to help protect customers and promote companies with good reputations. In some cases, however, a good company ends up on these types of websites as the target of an online smear campaign. This article will focus on how to remove negative reviews from and protect your                                                                                                                    online reputation. is one of the more popular options for consumers seeking quick opinions on products and services. The site’s platform allows users to connect with other consumers and businesses in order to have their opinions heard and properly dealt with. Users register for the website and are then able to post either complaints or praise for businesses both local and global. Once a post has been made, other users can chime in with their “three cents” about that topic.


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False comments can hurt

As with any website, giving users free reign to post their thoughts and opinions has resulted in online reputation management issues for legitimately decent companies. Though is one of the few websites that allows its users to remove their own postings, there aren’t any specific checks in place to ensure that the postings are legitimate in the first place. Your online reputation definitely has the potential to be harmed by defamatory comments made on  Be careful, and learn how to remove negative reviews from and protect your online reputation.


Promote your positive online reputation on consumer activist websites allows businesses to log in and have their say as well, and many large companies use such consumer opinion websites as a way to manage their corporate reputations. Though businesses can interact with consumers on for free, they can also subscribe to the site, which has the very important benefit of notifying the business before a potentially harmful post goes live on the site. A subscription also gives the business access to RSS updates to relevant topics, both positive and negative.

Need personalized reputation advice?Schedule a free consultation is particularly highly indexed on search engines, in part because entire company profiles are built in to the site. Company reports, reviews and comments are available in easily browsed subsections under the company names.


Take action to regain control of your reputation

If negative data has been associated with your business on, there are four different ways you can take to try to resolve the issue:

•      Contact the poster of the comment and attempt to resolve their concerns. Consider subscribing in order to become aware of negative reviews as quickly as possible.

Are online reputation issues hurting your business?Let us help

•      Connect with the moderators at and ask for their assistance.

•      Contact a legal representative to find out if you have any recourse for filing against or the person who posted the information.

•      Use proactive online reputation management techniques to strategically promote positive information about yourself and your business.



Registering on is as simple as providing your email address. (Make sure to opt out of the site’s mailing list in order to protect your email privacy, however.) Once registered you’ll be able to contact users and investigate any complaints. If you find out that you’re at fault and you’re able to make amends with the user, it should be easy to persuade them to remove the criticism.

Likewise, you can contact the moderators once you register. Their privacy policy does state that they can’t force users to remove their posts and that they have no way to verify the legitimacy of complaints. If you’re a business subscriber, they’ll hold the review as pending as a courtesy until you’re able to see it, but they won’t simply remove it at your request.

Need personalized reputation advice?Schedule a free consultation has a repository of investigations and class action lawsuits that are available to the users of the website. If there’s a lawsuit that might apply to you, you’ll see information and instructions on how to participate. As for actually trying to sue itself, well, it’s best to avoid that if possible. Proving defamation in court is difficult and costly, and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act says that websites aren’t liable for content posted by their users.

For many who have been unfairly accused on, the best defense is to blanket the Web with positive content.  This is an invaluable aspect in knowing how to remove negative reviews from and protect your online reputation. Sign up for business listings that will promote your good name, and sign up on Facebook and Twitter in order to grow a positive social media presence. The more engaging, well-written blog posts; articles; comments and tweets you can put out on to the Web, the better your online reputation will look. Further, hiring a reputation management company will help you fill the Web with positive information quickly and efficiently.

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