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When you receive great customer service from a business, your first instinct isn’t to tell a friend or post about your positive experience online. Good customer service is supposed to be the norm, not the exception. But what if you receive really poor customer service? Often, if you receive an inferior product or service, you’ll be inclined to share that information with others.

Consumer activist sites like ComplaintsBoard give consumers a place to vent, share frustrations and broadcast bad business practices. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine the accuracy of reviews, and innocent people have had their names dragged through the mud. This article will focus on how you can remove negative reviews from in order to protect your online reputation.

Your first view of the ComplaintsBoard website is the “Latest Complaints” section, which includes a question and answer area that users can post in when they need community feedback. The site was built on WordPress blog software, which means that ComplaintsBoard enjoys excellent SEO plug-ins—which are great at attracting the attention of search engines.

Control what others say about you online

After signing up, consumers wanting to post a complaint simply log on to the website, where they are free to submit as many complaints as they like. ComplaintsBoard doesn’t edit its listings, allowing its users to post unchecked negative comments about not only businesses but also individuals. Though the site does provide a good service for those with legitimate bad experiences, it also provides a way for competitors or the otherwise embittered to file false reports against generally good companies. This is important to know when learning how to remove negative reviews from

Manage what your competitors are telling your customers

Because its content ranks highly in online searches, ComplaintsBoard could potentially be used by business rivals to discredit their competitors. The logic is that if a rival posts a negative comment about its competitor, business will be steered away from the competitor—and toward themselves. Because of its high SEO index, these complaints are quickly picked up by third-party search engines and can appear in numerous places online.

Four steps to positive Internet reputation management

If your personal reputation has been compromised by a false ComplaintsBoard review, you must act quickly to resolve the issue. Take the following four steps to remove negative reviews from and manage your online reputation:

1. Ask the user to remove the negative post

Because ComplaintsBoard users have the ability to delete their listings, contacting the post’s author should be your first priority. Click on the user’s user name and then “send message” in order to message them privately through the website. If you’re able to come to an agreement, the user might simply remove the post.

2. Contact ComplaintsBoard and ask them to remove the offending information

If the poster won’t remove the negative content, you can contact ComplaintsBoard directly. If you don’t already have one, you’ll have to create an account in order to contact the administrators of the website.

3. Ask your legal representative about your legal rights in this matter

Some business owners have filed lawsuits against ComplaintsBoard, so you might be tempted to contact a lawyer to find out if you have a case. But because ComplaintsBoard clearly states in its privacy policy that it’s not liable for any postings, most businesses that sue for defamation are unsuccessful. If you believe that you have a clear-cut case of copyright or trademark infringement, you might be able to launch successful litigation.

4. Use positive reputation management techniques to add content to the Web that accurately portrays you

Finally, getting proactive about your online reputation is a wise decision even if you aren’t fighting false reviews. For example, create blog posts and articles that reflect your true nature as a business or an individual. If you don’t already own one, purchase a domain name that contains your personal or business name. Fill your website with clean, well-written content. As search engines pick up your information, your positive content will bump the negative information down in the listings.

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