How Happy Customers Can Counter Negative Online Reviews

How Happy Customers Can Counter Negative Online Reviews

Online reputation management can be a difficult task for a business owner. No matter how hard a business tries to satisfy customers, someone will inevitably be displeased — and with the Internet at hand, it’s easy to voice frustrations.

Luckily, business owners have a built-in method for reputation protection: a pool of happy existing customers. Utilizing the positive feedback of real customer reviews not only counters any negative opinions that might be out there; it also builds interest in your product or service.


Positive Reviews Are The Livelyhood Of Your Business

Harness the power of review websites.

Social review websites like & Google Places continue to grow in popularity as customers turn to each other for an everyday perspective on their business experiences.

Take advantage of positive reviews

Are online reputation issues hurting your business?Let us help

Try searching Google Places & for your business. If you’ve found positive reviews, you can quote them directly on your website, linking to the original review for credibility.

Another option is joining the perspective review site and contacting reviewers directly, asking if they’d be willing to appear in a testimonial on your website in exchange for a free or discounted service on their next visit.

Address negative reviews

Joining Google Places is also important for countering any negative reviews that might have appeared there. & Google Places allow you to respond directly to people who have had a bad experience, apologize for any inconvenience and offer a discounted or free service if they’re willing to try your business again.

Often, reviewers will replace, edit or remove negative reviews after receiving a thoughtful and apologetic email from a business owner. Even if you feel a complaint was unwarranted, the cost of appeasing a vocal customer may be worth its weight in new business.

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Other review websites you may want to consult include Insiderpages and Angie’s List.  Eating and drinking establishments will also want to review their listings on sites like UrbanspoonGrub Street and Menupages. Being familiar with these sites, you can learn how happy customers can counter negative online reviews.


Review Sites & Search Engines Are Now Your Reputation – Take Control Today!

Are online reputation issues hurting your business?Let us help

ReputationDefender has recognized that SMB’s and organizations rely heavily on their online reputation/reviews to remain profitable, and after consulting with many experts from around the world, have developed services and tools to assist in monitoring, improving and repairing online reviews and reputations.  As you’ll see below we’ve laid out so first steps for improving or maintaining your current online review and reputation situation; however we also realize that in many situations time and resources are highly valuable and may be better spent elsewhere.  To this end ReputationDefender has developed ReputationDefender® and Reputation for Business, two services that can a help you build, improve or repair your online presence.

Reputation for Business

While Reputation for Business offers a number of different levels of service, from simple monitoring through to a fully managed PR service, the top packages are designed to not only save many hours/month that typically need to be spent managing your online presence but also to increase business by nipping bad reviews in the bud and improving the online presence of the business through positive reviews from your actual clients.  Reputation for Business is a service that ReputationDefender recommends every SMB & organization have in place – the increase in business from a positive online presence is priceless.  To fix Google reviews or simply create a buffer of positive reviews, Reputation for Business is a service, and not just an online tool, that puts you back in charge of your businesses reputation.


ReputationDefender® is a very specific service, and unlike Reputation for Business is not something that is recommended (or needed) by most businesses.  ReputationDefender® has been specifically designed for any individual or business that’s reputation has been tarnished online through blogs, articles, and review sites by disgruntled clients or former employees etc.  Unfortunately under the law it is virtually impossible to have a court order the removal of online content, however it can be suppressed through techniques that we’ve perfected though $40+ million in research and development here at ReputationDefender.  Essentially anyone that Google’s you or your business won’t look past the first couple pages of search engine results, and if all they find are positive articles, reviews, bio’s and other sites then the negative material is substantially mitigated and your reputation will reflect positively on you.

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Create new content for your business.

Many business owners assume they only need to set up a website to attract new customers and customer reviews when their business first opens. Although it’s important to have a Web presence as soon as possible, the most successful small businesses are those that continue to build and expand on their business reputation management practices over time.

Create a social media account

One good way to achieve successful internet reputation management is by creating a social media account on a Web 2.0 service like Facebook or Twitter. When created, these accounts require very little effort to maintain and can be linked to from your official website.

Both Facebook and Twitter are excellent platforms for advertising specials or discounts because they allow other users to “follow” you for regular updates. For example, you could post a status update on Facebook that says: “We have a few cancellations today for those who need a last-minute appointment,” or post a Tweet that says: “Mention you saw our Twitter account for 15 percent off your purchase.”

By limiting special information and deals to customers who frequently use the Internet, you increase the odds of your business receiving praise and mentions on the Web. This is one way how happy customers can counter negative online reviews.

Use a blog or online journal

Are online reputation issues hurting your business?Let us help

Another strategy is to launch a blog, or online journal, about your business. If you decide to take this route, it’s important that you restrict your blog to positive content only. Fighting back against a negative online commenter not only makes you look bad to new customers but could also potentially drive their rude statements to a higher search rank on Google. Ignore any nasty posts by others, and focus on pleasant topics, like new offerings, profiles of employees and updates on events like renovations and holiday celebrations.

By giving your business a human face online, you can reassure customers and make them feel appreciated for supporting your company.


Talk with your “regular” customers.

Most businesses have a few clients who are “regulars,” whether they’re coming in every day for a coffee or every year for an oil change. If you have regular clients who you know are happy with your business, consider offering them a discount or free service in exchange for a positive testimonial on the Web. These exchanges can range from a free cookie for every positive review to a free massage for a positive paragraph and photo on your company website.

Ask for advice

Asking your regularly for customer reviews and their advice on improvements can also be a boon to your business. If they love your burritos but think your restroom could be cleaner, take their advice and then promote it on your website, Facebook page or Twitter account. Sometimes, knowing that a business owner cares enough to address something a customer disliked is enough to get an indifferent customer to give your business another try. Try this technique in your approach to how happy customers can counter negative online reviews.

Monitor your reviews

Closely monitoring your reviews is also essential if you want to stay one step ahead of the game.  ReputationDefender Review monitoring and response tool can ease the pressure of constantaly monitoring many different review sites by aggregating all reviews under one dashboard and sending you text/email alerts when new reviews are posted.

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