Top five websites for tech and social media news

Websites for Tech and Social Media News

How many times have you read an Internet article that opens by mentioning how far ahead kids are of their parents when it comes to new technology, social media, mobile phones, yada yada? Well, here’s another brain blaster that anyone with a pulse and a basic awareness of the Internet already knows: Facebook, Google and [insert some other frightening online overlord here] is involved in an ongoing battle over user privacy. Oh, the humanity!

The millennial generation is obviously ahead of the curve when it comes to tech savvy. But why? And how can you keep up?


This article will tell you how to do just that by revealing some of the best websites for tech and social media news, Internet security and online privacy.


Follow technology trends on blogs, blogs and … blogs.

According to Technorati, the leading Internet blog search engine and ranker of blog popularity, four of the top five English-language blogs worldwide focus on technology issues. These blogs — TechCrunch, Mashable, Gizmodo and Engadget — provide readers with a consistently refreshed window into trending technology topics like gadgets, mobile applications, cloud-based innovations, hardware and more. Though all of them seem to attract audiences chiefly in the 18–34 age range, they also maintain somewhat different angles within the sphere of technology, so it’s worth checking them all out.

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The granddaddy of all technology blogs, TechCrunch was purchased by AOL in September 2010 — a sure sign of its status among other tech news resources. TechCrunch frequently covers security and privacy articles, though they can sometimes be difficult to find among the dozens of articles the blog publishes each day. Nevertheless, if there’s been a major security breach at a tech company, TechCrunch is likely to know about it.



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Mashable is a recognized leader in reporting social media news; the company also covers the latest gadgets, features online marketing advice and reports occasional news outside the tech industry. Mashable’s reporting occasionally touches on security and privacy issues.



A member of the extensive Gawker Media network, and the perennial maverick of the technology blogoverse, Gizmodo is probably best known for its leaked photos of the iPhone 4 prototype in April 2010. The snarkier-than-thou Gizmodo delivers a steady helping of news related to privacy and security, made easily searchable by the fully integrated, user-friendly search function common to all Gawker sites.



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As its name proclaims, Engadget brings its audience the latest on consumer electronics, gadgets and rumors in the tech industry. It also maintains a better-than-decent list of privacy- and security-based articles for the average consumer.


Technology trends in the mainstream media

Websites for tech and social media news are typically technology blogs, which are the best places to find the latest on all matters of Internet security, online privacy and, well, technology. But they aren’t the only online resources to cover such news items. The online editions of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and the like also deliver technology news on a regular basis, even if they’re sometimes a step behind (they cover more than just technology news, after all).

Though our youth will continue to remain on the leading edge of these and other tech-related topics, reading just one of these blogs for five minutes a day can help us “old fogies” keep up with even the littlest of the Joneses.

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