Find Out Who Is Searching For Me

Find Out Who is Searching for Me
The Internet has opened a wealth of possibilities in job searches, forming relationships, evaluating products and services, and satisfying curiosity about any subject imaginable. With these tremendous benefits comes a price: your personal data, some of it quite sensitive, is accessible to anyone via Google. Many people feel increasingly exposed online and want to “find out who is searching for me.”
Find Out Who is Searching for Me – Investigate and Optimize Your Online Presence
There is no end to companies claiming to have tools that allow people to “find out who is searching for me.” Unfortunately, these services only scratch the surface of the Web, generating few useful results. The same is true of free Google keyword analytical tools. While they generate interesting general statistics on people looking up your name in conjunction with other keywords, they do not identify the actual parties that did the searching.
Optimize Your Online Presence
Rather than wasting efforts to “find out who is searching for me,” a better approach involves optimizing your online presence. Search your name on Google, carefully evaluating the sites that show up. You will likely find some relevant and timely content among links that are variously out-of-date, misrepresentative, and plain false. While you can update and “refresh” certain sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, there is a lot of content out of your direct control. If damaging content about you ranks highly, consider professional solutions for removing negative content.
Move Past “Find Out Who is Searching for Me” Through Focused Reputation Management Tools
While anyone can take basic steps towards optimizing their online profile, few have the time, knowledge, or tools to craft an online presence optimized to Google’s specific search parameters. ReputationDefender has years of experience in protecting online privacy through active monitoring, and in building content that making clients look their best online. To talk with a Reputation Advisor about specific strategies for putting to rest the “find out who is searching for me” demons, call 877-492-5209877-492-5209.

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