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Liskula Cohen’s New Life as a Cyberbullying Spokesperson

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Two months ago, New York model Liskula Cohen made headlines when she won a lawsuit against Google, compelling the company to reveal the identity of the anonymous blogger that had called her a “lying, whoring skank.”  The decision prompted considerable discussion throughout the blogosphere, with many people asking if it meant the end of anonymity online (it doesn’t) or whether the blogger – Rosemary Port – had her first amendment rights violated (she didn’t). In fact, just about the only question that wasn’t asked was what would happen to Liskula Cohen?

According to the New Zealand Times Herald, Ms. Cohen has decided to use her newfound fame to become a spokesperson for cyberbullying.

From the article:

The insight Cohen has been granted through her experience and actions has placed her now at the forefront of the cyber-bullying issue.

She says she had no doubts she should take up the cause after she received a message of support from the mother of Meghan Meier, a 13-year-old girl who killed herself in 2006 after being cyberbullied by a friend’s mother posing as an online boyfriend.

“We do have the freedom of speech but we don’t have the freedom to defame,” reasons Cohen. “If the internet is just supposed to be the Wild West, a do-what-you-want, say-what-you-want place and no longer a reliable source of information – which is what I think it was intended for – then I want no part of it.

“It’s been very frustrating for me. Now, I find myself limiting my internet use to just going to reputable sites,” she continues. “I used to surf all over the place and make the assumption that what I read was truthful. Now it’s a case of, well, who knows?”

Indeed she has. Now, more than ever, issues of Internet privacy and Online Reputation Management have come to the forefront of modern society.

The article goes on to explore a number of issues related to Internet privacy and Online Reputation Management, including identity theft, sexting, and crimes being caught on video and shared online.

As the web continues to evolve, it is important that there are people out there working to educate the public on these issues. Here at the ReputationDefender Blog, we’d like to wish kudos to Ms. Cohen for her worthwhile efforts in this area. If you’d like to learn more about cyberbullying, check out ReputationDefender’s How-To Guide to “Stop Cyberbullying.”