How to Remove Personal Information from Radaris

Everything you've done online whether you've posted photos, put up videos, written a blog or been on a social network is compiled. In addition to public records, this can make for a detailed picture of a person you've never met.

At least in theory. Radaris is one of those sites that compiles information and you can take your name off of it, or at least remove certain records. And for many reasons, you might want to remove yourself from Radaris.


Is What Radaris Doing Legal?

Absolutely. The site just collects publicly available information and records, essentially what you'd find about you in the courthourse and what you'd find under your name in Google. It's not mining your data, it's just offering to put all the information it can find about you in one place for interested parties. Unfortunately, these records are available to anyone, making Radaris removal trickier than it should be.


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What Information Does Radaris Collect?

The site offers reports that collect your full name, address history, relatives, property records, bankruptcies and other publicly available records. It also searches for your name on MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, the Internet Movie Database, LinkedIn, Wink and YouTube. You may have to remove personal information from Radaris well beyond public records due to this policy.


Does Removing This Information from Radaris Remove it from the Internet?

Nope: That you'll have to handle yourself. It just removes the data from the site.


Help give yourself a blank slate.


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Is There Anything About Radaris That Might Cause Me Problems?

To be frank, yes.

The site is not a very well designed search engine, making Radaris removal something of a chore. If you punch in your name, you're likely to come across dozens of people with the same name and even if you narrow it down and find your exact name in a profile, you're likely going to find a whole bunch of other people with your name that have information inserted into that profile. Not all of them, we've found, have been living the clean respectable life. In most cases it's obvious that the person in question is not you, but it's also problematic and makes removing yourself from Radaris important.


Can I Remove Myself Entirely?

Yes and no.

Radaris doesn't allow you to eliminate enormous swatches of records, unfortunately. It instead lets you eliminate selected records, up to three at a time. Radaris makes it sound like it's a simple process, and it is, to begin. You go to a name page, select the icon that looks like a small gear on the right, and it lets you check off up to three records.

Simple, right? Not so fast. Once you click "remove," Radaris asks for your name, email address, reasoning, and to agree to their Removal Terms which essentially boils down to the fact that their customer service representatives can reject your removal request for any reasons whatsoever.

Has your personal information been exposed online?Remove my information


Is There Anybody I Can Turn to for Help?

ReputationDefender can help. While there is no "Radaris remove" function on the Internet, whether you need help getting your information off the Internet to deal with a stalker or just simply want to learn a few strategies to restore some more privacy to your life, ReputationDefender can help.

There are many more personal records sites beyond Radaris out there, and not all of them are as easy to use. If you want to keep your privacy online, and only share your information with those you want to know it, contact ReputationDefender. We'll help you keep your good name and your privacy at the same time.

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