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Psychologist Search Engine Privacy Is A Major Concern

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by Staff Writer

Many psychologists spend the bulk of their time in their office with patients. They aren’t looking at search engines. However, most patients are spending a lot of time looking up their psychologists online before choosing one over the other. Psychologist search engine privacy is a major concern for a few different reasons.

1. Inappropriate content. Psychologist search engine privacy needs to be managed to avoid patients from seeing inappropriate content. What a person does in their private life should never interfere with their professional life. However, thanks to search engines, this is not always the case.

2. Incorrect information. Many times there will be data online that is incorrect about a psychologist. When revealed to patients, it can make it harder to maintain a good practice because patients will question the abilities of their psychologist. This is why psychologist search engine privacy is a must.

3. Personal data. Too much personal information about a psychologist online can be dangerous. Some patients don’t understand boundaries. They will visit a psychologist’s home when they have issues, which can make it hard for a psychologist to maintain any kind of personal life. Again, psychologist search engine privacy can prevent this from happening.

Psychologists need to know what’s online. A simple search of their name within a search engine can be very revealing. It may list inappropriate, incorrect or personal content. Regardless of what it lists, it’s private and shouldn’t be out there for the world to see.

Managing search engine privacy can be made easy by contacting ReputationDefender. The company is armed with content changing services that can affect what is seen on the top ranking pages of all search engine results. When this is controlled, it makes it easier for a psychologist to keep some details personal so as not to be viewed by patients.