Personal Privacy On The Internet

Tips on Maintaining Personal Privacy on the Internet

The idea of personal privacy on the internet may seem like a contradiction. After all, Google allows everyone to find information on just about anyone in the world. In addition, even sites that we use for personal purposes often create a window into our private information. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to maintain your personal privacy on the internet.

Action Plan: Stay on Top of the Technology

If you have an account with Facebook or other social media networks, don’t sign up without reviewing the privacy settings. To be sure, these sites may not make it easy to adjust the settings to a stricter privacy mode. However, take the time to learn how to manage the settings. Doing so represents an excellent first step in carving out more personal privacy on the internet.

Next, make sure your purchases occur only via secure connections. For the most part, legitimate businesses provide this for you. However, one rogue site can leave you vulnerable to an egregious invasion of your personal privacy on the internet.

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Third, cut cookies out of your online diet. Online ad networks often install tracking software, referred as cookies, on people’s computers. The cookies track surfing habits on behalf of advertisers. Disabling cookies for third-party websites inhibits this sort of tracking.

Fourth, consider installing anti-tracking software. Certain programs detect unwanted tracking activity and send a report when it occurs. Another tactic, using Virtual Private Networks, provides even stronger protection of personal privacy on the internet.  Many companies utilize this feature, which encrypts nearly all web activity.  There are a number of free VPNs available on the web.

Think Twice Before Posting

There’s a saying: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.  The same could be said about what we post on the internet, with a slight variation: If you’re posting something that’s not nice – don’t post it!  In many cases, protecting personal privacy on the internet boils down to maintaining good, old-fashioned discipline.  

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