FAQs About Online Restaurant Review Management

What is online restaurant review management?

Once upon a time, reviews in newspapers, magazines, and other media carried a great deal of weight in how successful a restaurant became. But after the Internet democratized the restaurant review process, more consumers turned to "regular people" to get an honest opinion about the quality, service, and atmosphere of a specific dining establishment. Today, there are so many online review sites (not to mention social media portals), a need has arisen for managing your restaurant reviews online. Often this is delegated to a restaurant review manager.


Why does my eatery need online restaurant review management?

Because your personal reputation and word-of-mouth marketing probably won't be enough for your restaurant to succeed. Studies show that most consumers turn to the web before making a buying (or in your case, dining) decision. And they're not reading professional reviews — they're perusing sites like Yahoo!, Urban Spoon, and Open Table where diners have shared their experiences and assessments. And if there are a few reviews (or even just one) that cast your business in a negative light, you could be losing business without even knowing it. That's where restaurant online review management comes in.

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How will restaurant Internet review management help me?

First and foremost, restaurant review management will make you aware of complaints, concerns, or negative comments about your establishment. Then you can craft a timely and effective response. You'll have an opportunity to either apologize for the problem or tell your side of the story, and perhaps extend an olive branch (in the form of a refund or future discount, perhaps) to the person who complained. Not only might this process help you calm a dissatisfied customer, but you'll also demonstrate to those reading the review site that you value diner feedback and care about trying to make things right.


What does a restaurant review manager do besides address complaints?

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These professionals employ tried-and-true techniques and methods that are designed to portray your restaurant in the best light possible. This involves everything from encouraging positive reviews from satisfied customers, to disseminating praiseworthy comments to various high-profile web sites, to overwhelming negative reviews by "drowning them out" with flattering online content.


What happens if I don't have a restaurant review manager?

There's no reason why you cannot take on this function yourself. But if you are a typical restaurant owner, your days are probably filled with staffing, inventory, marketing, food preparation, revenue, and customer satisfaction concerns. So you may not be able to devote the appropriate amount of time to monitoring and addressing your restaurant's online reviews. And if a negative review or two manages to slip by you and fester on the web for any length of time, your restaurant's bottom line could feel the pain.


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How do I find a competent restaurant review manager?

ReputationDefender has years of experience in not only improving the online reputations of restaurants, but also providing ongoing reputation management solutions and managing online restaurant reviews. So if you want to safeguard your restaurant from the perils of poor reviews, give ReputationDefender a call today for a free consultation.


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