How to protect your Facebook wall

Protect Your Wall Posts on Facebook

The wall is the heart and soul of Facebook. It’s where your friends share links, photos and videos with you, and where you share your links, photos and videos with the world. Unfortunately, because the wall is so central to the Facebook experience, it’s also where you’re most likely to slip up and hurt your online reputation.

Whether you “like” an inappropriate joke from a friend, post a questionable photo or accidentally share a message that was meant to be private, making a mistake on your wall can cause problems — especially if you’ve opened your profile to the public.

This article will talk about how to protect your Facebook wall and offer some tips on how to keep your wall posts private.


Separate friends, family and coworkers.

You’re probably friends with family members on Facebook. You’re also likely friends with at least one of your coworkers (and maybe even your boss). The question is: Do all of these people deserve the same level of Facebook access? Does your old Auntie Gertrude need to see the same content as your former college roommate? Should you post a work complaint to a friend’s wall if your manager can also see it?

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Through its privacy controls Facebook allows users to separate their Facebook friends into one or more groups. From there you can restrict each group’s access to your Facebook profile (including your wall). Using these settings lets you maintain a wide range of Facebook friends while taking precautions to prevent inappropriate content from ending up in front of the wrong set of eyes (i.e. this is how to protect your Facebook wall).


Don’t accept friend requests from strangers.

This should go without saying, but it’s a really bad idea to accept friend requests from people you don’t know. But Facebook users do this all the time. If you have more than 1,000 friends, you have to seriously ask yourself how many of those people you actually know.

Audit your Facebook friends to figure out who should actually get access to your profile. If it’s someone you’ve never met in real life, don’t be afraid to remove that person from your friend’s list. If you’re sensitive about hurting people’s feelings, then set up a catch-all group that’s allowed to see only the most minimal personal data possible.

The more friends you have on Facebook, the more likely you are to have something you shared privately end up on the public Web. Facebook is a great networking tool, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use common sense about who you accept as a friend.


How to protect your Facebook wall posts through message encryption.

If you want to post something to Facebook, but you need to make sure that not everyone in the world can see it, consider encryption technology to obscure the message from prying eyes.

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If your profile is public or semipublic, then anyone can see your page. The Facebook app stops them from seeing your posts — giving you an additional layer of security and reputation protection.


Think before you post.

Even if you use all of these tips, there’s still a chance that your Facebook wall will be seen by someone you don’t want to see it. That’s why, above all else, you should always remember to think before you post. Websites like Facebook are incredible tools for personal branding and professional networking, but before you sign up for them you must understand that you’re giving up a certain amount of control over your online image.

Don’t post anything inappropriate on your profile, regularly update your password, avoid suspicious apps and use your privacy controls. Protecting your Facebook wall is an important part of protecting your internet reputation. Don’t put it off for another day.

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