How a Person’s Name on Google Should Look

As times are changing, many people are beginning to realize just how important it is for their name to look good when someone does a search engine search about them. Fortunately, companies that specialize in reputation management, such as ReputationDefender, can help people to achieve a positive image on Google.

No Personal Information Should Appear
A person does not want for their name on Google to appear with tons of personal information. Most people do not want for their home address, personal home telephone number or other private information to appear for everyone to see with a simple online Google search.

No Negative Information
Criminal records, information about bankruptcies or divorces and other embarrassing or unflattering information shouldn’t appear if a person wants for their name on Google to look good to potential employers and others who might be searching for their name.

No Results for Someone Else
For best results, a person wants for only their information to pop up when someone types in their name on Google. They do not want information about other people to appear: If this happens, someone else’s unflattering information could confuse someone and could make the person look bad.

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A Mix of Personal and Business-Related Results
In order for someone’s name on Google to look positive and natural, it is best for both personal and business-related websites to show up in the search results. This helps to give searchers a look at both sides of a person’s life in a flattering and safe manner.

Reputable Sources Should Appear
People are going to be a bit unsure of what they see if they see a bunch of unknown websites and other suspicious-looking results when they search for someone’s name on Google. Therefore, it is best for at least one or two of the top results to come from a well-known and reputable website.

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