How to Monitor Online Reviews for Furniture Stores

Every business needs to be aware of its reputation, but furniture stores need to be particularly focused on online criticism. It's a highly competitive market, as big box stores offer more furniture options and the Internet expands competition even further. It doesn't take much for a potential customer to take their business somewhere else. Even worse, you may lose their business without ever being aware you had a chance to get it.

Here's why you should be monitoring online reviews for your furniture store, and how to improve your reviews.


Make Sure Customers Can Reach Out to You

A key part of monitoring furniture store reviews online is being proactive. Build and maintain a strong social network presence with Twitter and Facebook, and make sure that your phone number, email address and mailing address are easily found and widely available. Part of stopping bad online furniture store reviews, or turning a bad review into a positive one, is finding out about and properly addressing customer concerns. If you read bad reviews closely, you'll see a consistent theme: “This business just did not care!” Demonstrate that you care right out of the gate and you'll nip bad reviews in the bud.


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When Addressing a Customer Concern, Make Clear Your Position

Unfortunately, sometimes it's just not possible to address the customer's concerns in the way they want. Clarify why, exactly, you have to do things the way you do, whether it's having delivery at a specific time or not carrying a certain brand. Use Internet review monitoring for your furniture store to ensure that any reviews posted are fair.


Set Up an Alert System

With tools like Google Alerts, you can constantly be searching the entire Internet for references to your company, making furniture store review monitoring a snap. Set up several alerts using multiple terms. For example, if your store is called Smith Bros. Furniture and is located in Boston, you should have Smith Bros. Furniture, Smith Brothers Furniture, and both of those with the word Boston added to the search term as well.


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Bad reviews can stick out almost as badly as furniture in the wrong space.


When You Find a Bad Review, Weigh Your Reply Carefully

If you get a bad review, read it closely. It's often worth replying to any bad review discussing a situation you were unaware of with your contact information and a request for the critic to reach out to you. However, you may also be dealing with somebody trying to use a bad review to extort free services, or a customer who may not necessarily be offering the whole truth. Part of Internet monitoring for furniture stores is thinking carefully before engaging.


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Be Polite and Professional No Matter What

If while monitoring reviews for your furniture store, you come across a hostile review, you can reply, but be professional, as difficult as it can be. Nobody enjoys being called a liar or being sent an email full of obscenities, but that's often what happens if you're dealing with a particularly vitriolic reviewer. Remember that in wars of words, those that keep their cool are the victors; being polite and professional keeps you in control of the conversation. When your critic is offering nothing but profanity, it brings their validity into question.

If you need help monitoring online reviews for your furniture store, ReputationDefender can help. We offer strategies to turn vocal critics into your business' best cheerleaders and motivate satisfied customers to share their stories online. If you need to focus on your furniture business, call ReputationDefender. We'll help make sure your business is fairly represented online.

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