Different Types of Identity Theft

People understandably get scared when they hear about identity theft, but many people do not realize that there are several different types of identity theft. It is important for all Internet users to understand the different types of identity theft, however, and they should take all of the cases very seriously.

Social Security Number Identity Theft
Those who do not want to pay taxes for whatever reason or who have migrated to the country illegally can use someone’s social security number illegally.

Child Identity Theft
Unfortunately, child identity theft is becoming one of the more increasingly popular types of identity theft. With child identity theft, an individual uses a child’s social security number in order to obtain loans, credit cards and more.

Financial Identity Theft
One of the more terrifying and costly types of identity theft, financial identity theft involves stolen credit cards, debit cards, bank account information and more. People then use this information in order to purchase goods and services, and the things that they purchased come out of the victim’s accounts.

Medical Identity Theft
Medical identity theft is another one of the more scary types of identity theft. It involves someone posing as someone that they are not in order to seek medical treatment.

Insurance Identity Theft
Insurance identity theft can often be involved along with other kinds of identity theft, and it involves someone fraudulently using a victim’s insurance. Insurance identity theft and medical identity theft often go hand in hand.

Criminal Identity Theft
Criminal identity theft involves a person giving someone else’s information to a police officer in order to stay out of trouble. People often find that their identity has been used by a criminal when they get pulled over for a simple speeding ticket only to find that they have warrants out for their arrest.

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