What Is a Digital Resume?

The short answer is that an Internet resume is nothing more than getting your resume online in a way that both people and computers can read. Here's what to do and how to do it.


Start with Text

The building block for any resume, digital or otherwise, is still sitting down and writing out your education, experience, and skills in a brief, simple to consume package. Read up on the modern resume, sit down, and spend some real time crafting your resume. Focus on being concise and informative. A good Internet resume follows the same rules as a good paper resume.


Optimize It for the Role You Want

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You may have heard the term "search engine optimization," but it's not limited to websites. You can use it for your online resume as well. Focus on specific words in the job you're looking for and the industry you want to be in. For example, if you're a CPA looking for an accountant's role, emphasize your education and your experience as an accountant. Mention in your resume's opening your ideal role and industry. The words "accountant" and "financial" should turn up quite a bit.

Don't force them where they don't belong, but be sure that focus is there in your digital resume.


Post It Online

Once you've got everything in shape, get it out there. It's recommended to start with LinkedIn. Most social networks aren't really conducive to finding a job; people go to Facebook to chat with friends and family and play games for the most part. LinkedIn also has a resume function that allows you to redraft and update your experience and work, and makes it searchable. The easier your digital resume is to find, the better.


Add Links

If there are links to relevant information available online, include those in your digital resume. For example, if a project you led was covered by a magazine, have a link handy to direct employers to coverage of your good work. Work such as white papers, analysis, online diagrams, and other material should also be available. The more of your work and its effectiveness you can show, the better.


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Other Options

Some job seekers record a "video resume," essentially a professionally shot video where they discuss their qualifications, demonstrate their skills, and make "the pitch," as it were. Others will build an entire website around their resume, often if they work in media or advertising.

If you're not comfortable on camera and don't want the hassle of operating a website, it's not necessary. Simply focus on targeting your resume to the people you want to see it and go from there.

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