The Steps of Celebrity Online Identity Management

Celebrity online identity management is an essential for any celebrity who is serious about his or her career. Many celebrities do not realize just how much of a difference their online reputation can have on their career and their personal life, but websites like ReputationDefender strive to help these celebrities to get the good reputation that they deserve.

Identify What is Already Out There
The first step of celebrity online identity management is to assess the information that is already online. Conducting various search engine searches involving a celebrity’s name and other identifying information is one good way to do this.

Determine What Should Be Hidden
After information about a celebrity has been found, the next step of celebrity online identity management is to determine what information should be hidden. Any online content that features personal or private information about a celebrity should be removed as quickly as possible. Not only does this help to maintain a celebrity’s good image, but it can also protect him or her from being burglarized, stalked and harassed or targeted for identity theft or financial fraud.

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Information that portrays a celebrity in a negative light should also be hidden as quickly as possible. This includes unflattering pictures, comments that have been taken out of context or that can make a celebrity look bad, rumors, gossip and other negative information.

Hide Negative or Personal Information
A reputation management company that is experienced in celebrity online identity management then uses search engine optimization techniques in order to hide information that can make a celebrity look bad or that could put him or her in jeopardy of being harmed or harassed.

Monitor the Internet Constantly
Lastly, a reputation management company can monitor the Internet on a constant basis to make sure that no personal or unflattering information finds its way onto the Internet in the future.

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