Personal Branding for the Professional Athlete

The pro athlete of today has unprecedented opportunities for brand expansion, licensing and other monetary opportunities outside of the playing field. However, the reputation of the athlete is just as important, if not more important, than the actual on field performance of the athlete.
The agencies of star athletes have actually been known to spread rumors about sports stars doing business with opposing agencies. Because of the incredible amounts of money that are at stake, agencies have no problem in tarnishing the professional athlete personal branding of competitors – it is seen as a strictly business operation. The laws about slander and libel online are extremely difficult to prosecute; the cloak of anonymity and the ubiquity of immediate syndication makes it hard to prove that any one party is responsible for any one rumor.
Because it is often impossible to stop competitors from making untrue comments that can hurt a professional athlete personal branding operation, it is usually much better to attack the problem from a defensive standpoint. Many sports agencies have very lucrative partnerships with search engine optimization and online reputation management firms that protect a professional athlete personal branding campaign.
Just like professional athlete personal branding campaigns need protection from competitors, everyday businessman also need this type of protection from their competitors. The same type of online reputation management is available for all business people just like it is available for professional athletes, with many reputation management programs offering lower-priced options for less prominent businesspeople.
Until the law catches up to the ability of people to post whatever they want online, online reputation management is essential for the professional athlete and for the businessman overall. No matter what your industry, you can always benefit from having a professional partner watch your back when it comes to your online reputation.

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