Personal Branding for Physicians

It may seem odd for doctors to have a brand, but just like everyone else, doctors need to be aware both of how they present themselves online and how others perceive them. Doctors can be even more prone, in fact, to difficulty handling their personal brand due to confidentiality rules and the quirks of the modern world.

Physician personal branding should center on three pillars: Specialization, philosophy, and a carefully overseen reputation.


How Specialization Is Part Of A Doctor's Personal Brand

Many doctors choose to specialize these days for various reasons, and it can sometimes be difficult for potential patients to determine what your specialty is and how it might apply to them. Take some time, whether through a blog, a professional social media page, or a professional website to discuss your specialty in layman's terms. Share articles that might be interesting to a wider audience about your profession, or offer a perspective on a medical advance mentioned in the news. An oncologist might discuss the latest cancer treatment covered by the news, or a cardiologist might discuss the latest articles about heart health.

Part of developing a medical professional brand is making it clear what you do, so make sure nobody looking you up will come away with the wrong idea.


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What kind of physician are you?

Philosophy As A Part Of A Physician's Branding


Another method to distinguish your brand is to articulate your philosophy as a physician. Do you treat patients narrowly, targeting the symptoms, or do you look at their whole lifestyle to determine what the problem might be? Are there particular methods you prefer when treating a chronic illness, and why do you prefer them? What role do you see yourself playing in a patient's health? Are you a scold? A friend? A coach?

Explain not just your approach but why you choose it, as an integral part of your professional medical brand. That way, patients will be able to know how you'll approach the illness and can adjust accordingly.


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A Carefully Monitored Reputation Protect's A Doctor's Personal Brand

It's a reality of modern medicine that doctors have to face down malpractice suits, with the rate rising every year. These suits can take on a life of their own far from the courtroom.

When dealing with a disgruntled patient, doctors have to respect doctor-patient confidentiality, but unfortunately, that can be a one-way street. Patients can disclose their own history if they want to, and can easily spread their side of the story, but physicians have to be careful lest they wind up in court again. That can make it difficult to respond to former patients airing grievances or smear campaigns engaged against you, especially if the person in question is angry less over their treatment and more over the fact they didn't win their malpractice lawsuit. Often this is the most common difficult when building a physician personal brand.

Fortunately, having social media and blogs you maintain gives you a place to respond to that you can control and, furthermore, ReputationDefender can help. Whether it's managing your reputation as a doctor online or helping to clean up an attempt to wreck your name as a physician, ReputationDefender can help you take control of how you're seen on the Internet. Don't let angry former patients or chance define you on the Internet. Contact ReputationDefender today.

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