Personal Brand Management for Celebrities

The Value Of Celebrity Personal Brand Management

Celebrities make money through their brand in a myriad of ways. People go to see movies because a specific movie star is in them, they buy tickets to shows because their favorite musician is playing, and buy products because celebrities they trust endorse them. Celebrity brand management is a potentially incredibly lucrative business.

For example, Beyonce Knowles, one of the most careful managers of her brand in the business, is under contract to Pepsi for $50 million. While that may seem reserved for only the biggest celebrities, you might be surprised how much even reality TV stars can make endorsing products. One tweet about a product can be worth $10,000. Not bad for 140 characters worth of work!

The trade-off is that a celebrity brand can be incredibly fragile and endorsements can vanish in an instant if somebody decides to write a few angry letters. For example, Whoopi Goldberg and Slim-Fast parted ways after she made sexual jokes at a political fundraiser. Similarly, working with a company can go horribly wrong for the celebrity as well. Your image can be tarnished by actions you knew nothing about when you're famous. Celebrity brand management is a careful balancing act.


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A more difficult road than it looks.


So, what goes into celebrity personal brand management?


Working With and Building a Fanbase

Celebrity brand managers who do the job right keep an eye on what both the fans and the potential fans are saying. If an action is turning people off, or if a social media interaction goes sour, they can advise best on how to protect your celebrity brand.


Working Closely With Social Media

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for both good and for ill. A funny tweet or clever photo can go viral in seconds. On the flipside, an unintentionally funny tweet or embarrassing photo can also go viral in seconds and it's up to the brand manager to stop this from happening, if possible, or if things go wrong manage what the damage is that needs to be repaired.


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Teaching Strategies for Interacting Online

Part of building your brand is seeming available, but it also means you can be at the mercy of the unfiltered opinion of the public. It takes a strong personality not to be offended or to act defensively when called a litany of profanities or slurs. A good brand manager knows how to handle those situations and turn them into a positive one.


Dealing with Pranks

One odd new way the Internet has allowed celebrities to create, or wreck, a brand is to stick them in an awkward situation. Look no further than the Exile Pitbull prank, orchestrated to send the popular hip-hop artist to an isolated Wal-Mart. Pitbull welcomed the opportunity and leveraged the situation to get far more press and good will out of a simple public appearance than normally would have happened, an excellent example of celebrity image management.

Celebrity brand managers know how to turn these into opportunities. If you're looking for a brand manager, look no further than ReputationDefender. We offer reputation management that spans the Internet and top-tier service. If you're trying to manage your brand, look no further than ReputationDefender.

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