Mugshot Removal & Suppression

Is your mugshot being splashed across the internet? You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last person to face this harmful issue. Unfortunately you’re now in a situation that is not as easy to resolve as many companies promise. Many companies claim full mugshot removal from the internet, but in 99% of cases your mugshot is never removed or “magically” reappears a short time later.

Mugshot Removal – The Truth

In most cases companies promise to fully remove the mugshot from the internet, but reading the fine print shows what you’re actually paying for. Typically, you’re paying someone to send a request to have your mugshot removed, and 50% of these requests are made by employees of mugshot sites and there’s no guarantee that your mugshot is removed. The catch, your mugshot is likely only removed from one site leaving you vulnerable to other predatory and often affiliated mugshot sites. The vicious process of paying to have your mugshot removed from each site starts all over again. At ReputationDefender we do not approach clearing up your mugshot issue by attempting short-term removal.

Mugshot Suppression

The concern for most people is having their mugshot appear at the top of search results when someone Google’s their name. Less than 1% of people view results past page two of Google’s results making mugshot suppression the most effective long-term solution. ReputationDefender’s long-term solution of suppressing harmful mugshots past the top two pages of Google search results keeps these harmful images out of the public’s eye. ReputationDefender focuses and excels at helping people manage their online reputations and creating positive online profiles. We have invested $60 million on research and engineering to perfect our process. We have been a leader in our industry since 2006 and our 150+ staff in our Northern California headquarters are here to assist you. Fill out the contact form to the right and we’ll have one of our mugshot suppression specialists get in contact with you. Just looking for some general info? We’re always more than happy to offer guidance FREE of charge. 

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