Image Management for Politicians

Cynicism Is The Enemy Of Politician Repuation Management

After lawyers and used car dealers, politicians are probably viewed with the most suspicion of any profession. It's important to understand that even the most honest and sincere things that you do are always going to be seen by at least a few people as just another attempt at politician image control, not sincere acts. Remember that public service is, in the end, its own reward. 


Figure Out Your Message and Keep It Consistent

Politicians actually have an enormous advantage over others building a brand and a political reputation strategy, as odd as it sounds. Most politicians need to work out a platform, a set of ideals and beliefs, before they run for office. Sticking by these ideals and beliefs is key to maintaining your politician's image online. Before doing anything, ask yourself, "Is this consistent with my platform?"


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Focus On Your Constituents

While politicians can be subject to attention up to nationwide news coverage, in the end they're accountable to their constituents. They're the ones that let politicians keep their jobs every few years, after all. Put constituents first; put the focus of your political reputation management strategy on their concerns and needs, and work to engage them wherever you can.


Ignore Abuse

Politicians are often called a wide variety of unpleasant names, especially on the Internet. If you hold a position unpopular with a certain group or groups, you'll probably get at least a few angry messages on your social media pages. If there's controversy, you need to address it, but don't waste energy attempting to convert people who just want to be angry at you.


Speak With Constituents Who May Not Agree With Your Platform

The truth is that there's no politician with a 100 percent approval rating, but when you take office, you'll be representing both the people who like you and the people who dislike you. If there's a voter who reaches out with concerns in a civil manner, take the opportunity to explain your platform to them. Why do you believe what you believe? Why do you think some actions work and not others? You may not be able to get their vote, but making it clear that you're listening to their concerns, even if they don't agree with you, is often the best publicity you can get.

ReputationDefender can help with politician image management, whether you're campaigning for the first time or just looking to get your message out to the voters while you're in office. Whether it's getting critics to be a form of "brand ambassador" for your campaign or you need help understanding some of the more complicated sides of Internet etiquette, we'll help you use the Internet to bolster your image.

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