How to Repair a Professional Athlete’s Online Reputation

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Fixing An Athlete's Online Reputation: Assessing The Problem

Athlete scandals come in two forms: Personal scandals, wherein an athlete's off-the-field behavior is viewed as being improper, unsportsmanlike, or offensive in other ways, and professional scandals, wherein the athlete's behavior is seen to actually compromise the integrity of the sport. An example of the former can be found in any gossip column, although the most notable in recent times is the ugly fallout from Tiger Woods' divorce. However, examples of the latter, such as Lance Armstrong's doping scandal or the Major League Baseball steroids scandal, can cost individual athletes millions of dollars in fines and lost endorsements. Beyond that, they can drag down teams, leagues, even entire sports, making athlete image management about far more than just one player.

As a result, each have to be approached in a different manner and handled in different ways. The personal scandal is best handled by issuing a sincere apology to those involved and the fans and leave it at that. Personal scandals won't matter to fans if you can deliver on the court or in the field; you may find yourself getting mocked by sportswriters and otherwise made the butt of jokes for a while, but in the long run, it won't define your online reputation unless you let it.

Furthermore, if you acknowledge but don't feed it, it will eventually be superseded by another scandal. If you get embroiled in a personal scandal, simply consider it a learning opportunity and one you won't repeat.

Athlete Image Management And Professional Scandals

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A professional scandal is a much different matter and requires far more careful athlete reputation repair. If an athlete stands accused of doping, cheating, or some other form of improper behavior, the scandal will be more difficult to contain and more likely to get traction in the press. It should be noted that idle accusations on message boards should be ignored; every player will hear, at some point, that he must be cheating, usually from a very bitter fan for one of your rival teams.

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